The best apps to find lost phone 2021

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Now you know about applications that enable you to search for the lost phone. Nothing may worry the user of the phone more than losing the phone, and perhaps not only for its value, but because it contains personal or financial data and pictures, so we searched for applications that help you track your phone and find it as well as the ability to control By phone, whether your personal phone or your children’s phones.

The best apps to find lost phone 2021

The best apps to find lost phone

In order to benefit from the features of these applications, you must enable the “location” feature on your phone and enable mobile data to be permanently while you are outside the home.

Family Locator

Among the great applications that are used to search for the lost phone, it uses the feature of group geolocation sharing, meaning if you and your family want everyone to know where the other person is, you can use this application.

The application relies on protecting people more than phones by locating people themselves, and it does not contain some common important features such as locking or wiping the device, and with the use of the free copies of the application, you get many benefits related to financial compensation.

The best apps to find lost phone 2021

Find My Device

It is the most popular application in providing search services for the lost phone, as it allows you many features such as locating your phone’s location, distance and location on the map, and the application also allows you to ring your phone and wipe your phone with its data and the ability to show a message on the lost phone to see it from Hold that phone.

You can also play the audio on the lost phone at the highest level, even if your device is in silent mode and supports indoor maps, malls, stadiums, and so on, and it comes without ads and without paid services.

The best apps to find lost phone 2021

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One of the great applications to search for a lost phone, but it is not present on the Google Store due to some strict laws that require permissions. Google believes that it does not match its criteria, and regardless of that, the application is considered distinctive in many things such as locking your phone and resetting it, and hearing alerts, And display messages on the screen, and it also has access to the front camera so you can take a picture of the thief and the ability to use the phone’s microphone to record the thief’s voice.

You can also hide the Cerberus application icon from the applications screen so that the thief does not see it, in addition to controlling some of the application’s features through the smart watch and the application comes free with the possibility to upgrade to the paid versions.

The best apps to find lost phone 2021


It is used by many families who want to be sure of each other, especially if they have recently moved to another country, so you can identify together where each of you is through the GPS feature with the driver’s safety reporting feature to see if a family member is speeding up or using his phone While driving, the application notifies you with alerts in the event of closing the application and it contains many other features so that you and your family remain safe.

The best apps to find lost phone 2021

Prey Anti-Theft

One of the popular applications in searching for a lost phone that contains features most of them are present in most applications to find lost phones, such as taking pictures to find out the location of your device and collecting network information to find out the location of your device and it is a free application and there is a paid version of it.

The best apps to find lost phone 2021


These were the best applications through which you can search for the lost phone easily, but with these procedures, you must go to the police department and submit a report when the phone is lost and follow the legal procedures immediately after losing it so that you can protect yourself and your family from the wrong use of your phone during the loss or theft, and you must Also inform your telecom company, whether it is Vodafone, Orange, Etisalat, or whatever, about the loss of your “Sim” line.

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