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The best Alexa devices for a home office

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Amazon Alexa, also known simply as Alexa, is a virtual assistant developed by Amazon, used for the first time in the Amazon Echo smart speakers developed by Amazon Lab126.

It is capable of interacting with voice, playing music, making to-do lists, setting alarms, broadcasting podcasts, playing audiobooks and providing real-time weather, traffic, sports and other information such as news, as well as controlling systems and devices. smart and connected.

Being available on Android 4.4 or higher and iOS platforms, the smart home is the future and integration with personal assistants is important, so today we publish some Alexa compatible articles that are very interesting.

Nanoleaf Canvas StarterKit

Create your own custom wall light with this solution that lets you create a decorative statement on your wall

The best Alexa devices for a home office


  • Flexible
  • Easily configurable


  • It can get very expensive very quickly
  • You will have to like the way
  • Cord will have to go up the wall unless it pierces the drywall

They are ideal for a corporate lobby and home office. In the lobby, you can arrange them as if they were very large pixels and light up the space, or even display your company logo.

At home, you can use them to light up a dark corner,
reflect their mood or even connect them to the IFTTT to change color based on triggers ranging from a new order to a new email or even if it’s going to rain.

Nano Leaf for €79.99, the pack of 4 but there is a possibility to buy more if you want to have a room like the one in the picture.

Google Nest Learning Thermostat

1622633861 314 The best Alexa devices for a home office

Control your environment from anywhere in your context.

Main features

  • Heat / AC control from Alexa and the app
  • Works with many HVAC systems
  • attractive and discreet


  • Temperature control without having to walk to it
  • Nothing beats turning the heat up or down while still in bed.
  • If the Internet goes down, you can manually control


  • The Google ecosystem sometimes likes Alexa and sometimes it doesn’t
  • It’s difficult to get multiple members of the Alexa family account to control a thermostat
  • A bit expensive

If, for example, your office is upstairs and the Nest thermostat that controls that part of the house is downstairs. While it could certainly go down to control the heat, it interrupts the flow of work. Instead, you can use Alexa. In summer, ask Alexa what the temperature is upstairs to decide if you need to pre-cool the office before going upstairs.

D-Link AC1900 Mesh Smart Wi-Fi Router

1622633861 285 The best Alexa devices for a home office

A solid router with some basic voice control

Main features

  • High Speed ​​AC1900 Dual Band Wi-Fi
  • Mesh Wi-Fi to extend your entire network


  • It’s a full-featured D-Link router
  • Some level of Alexa support


  • Alexa support is weird and limited
  • No Alexa-based stream prioritization

This is a powerful router that can participate in a mesh network, giving your home more overall coverage and reducing Wi-Fi dead zones. D-Link is D-Link. They’ve been doing good things for years.

It’s Alexa’s control that is amusing. Yes, you can reset the router. You can also tell Alexa to enable or disable guest access. But, oddly enough, you can’t order Alexa to block the kids after they’re past bedtime.
Nor can you tell Alexa to prioritize the video stream from your work computer over the kids or family watching Netflix.

It’s a solid device, but Alexa’s control still has a long way to go.

You can purchase the D-Link Router WiFi AC1900 for €79.99.

Amazon Echo Show 5

1622633861 906 The best Alexa devices for a home officeCheap, with good video

Main features

  • Video screen for Alexa interaction and videos
  • Interfaces with other smart devices, including cameras
  • Alexa’s full resources


  • Small video screen with small footprint fits almost anywhere
  • Cheap and no subscription required
  • Alexa on screen is better and more immersive than you think


  • Technically it’s an older model, but it’s still the latest 5-inch version
  • The smaller screen is too small to be used from a distance
  • It’s probably time to recommend an Echo device for your home office.

The Echo Dot is the size of a hockey puck, but the Echo Show would probably be a better fit. If the office is at the back of the house and upstairs, you will be able to see who is at the door. The new Echo Show 10 costs more than twice the price of this device. Having an Alexa in your office can also be helpful in other ways.

The recommendation will be the smallest Echo Show 5 because it has a nice screen and doesn’t take up much space on the table.

O Amazon Echo Show 5 is available for €79.99.

Ring Video Doorbell

1622633862 844 The best Alexa devices for a home office

Video and audio connected to your front door

Main features

  • Video of who’s at your door
  • bidirectional audio
  • Chat with visitors from anywhere in the world


  • Guided by an application and integrates with Alexa-video
  • No touch current electrical circuit required
  • Good video quality and exclusion zones


  • Changing batteries regularly ages quickly
  • Does not always work with all Wi-Fi environments
  • Achieving a video connection with the visitor can take longer than a visitor willing to wait

There is the first generation, Ring Video Doorbell, for €99 and the most recent Ring Video Doorbell 3 for €199

Some questions are also clarified below:

All of these items will work without an Alexa device, but you will need an Alexa for voice control. The Echo Show 5 is an Alexa and the Fire TV stick does not require an Alexa because the Alexa functionality is built into the remote.

Will my router work with these devices?

Generally yes, although smarthome devices sometimes only work in the 2.4GHz band.

Will my Wi-Fi reach these devices?

It definitely depends on how your Wi-Fi works in your home. The author of the article says that he had a lot of trouble getting Ring to work in his new house, but it worked very well in my old house. Try taking your phone or laptop home and watch the signal strength.

Who provides support? Amazon or the supplier?

With the exception of Amazon products (Echo Show, Fire TV, Ring), devices are supported by individual vendors. Vendors license or include the Alexa API on their devices, but in addition to Amazon’s normal product support, they
they are products of their suppliers.

Source: ZDNet

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