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The App Store gets an add-on to speed up searches

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With about 2 million apps available to download from the App Store, Apple faces an ongoing battle to improve discoverability, and the company is constantly trying to speed up searches within the store.

And theShe added Apple has a new feature for search suggestions in the App Store in the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom, which could make it easier to find apps for millions of iOS users.

After writing the search term, the App Store tries to predict what you’re looking for and offers suggested words, and when clicked, it narrows the search results and speeds up the search for certain types of apps.

By taking this approach, Apple is working to reduce the amount of writing required by replacing it with much faster screen clicks.

Search suggestions appeared on some iPhones earlier in April as part of testing, but the feature should now roll out across all iPhones in supported regions.

The question of using search suggestions is very simple, and if you are looking for an app that helps you make pizza, you can type pizza in the search field in the app store and see additional words pop up like make, order, or calculator.

Selecting one of these suggestions filters your results further, so choosing a calculator displays the applications used to calculate the correct proportion of pizza dough ingredients.

Not every search allows you to define multiple suggestions at this time, nor does each search display a suggested candidate.

The ads, which Apple originally added to the App Store search in 2016, also appear in the search constantly.

These ads are likely to fuel app store critics even more, as an independent developer should not compete with Uber’s advertising budget, and competing apps should not buy ads that appear in front of each other’s products while Apple benefits from the result.

Each search engine change is accompanied by winners and losers, and it is not clear whether this change makes it easier or more difficult for small developers to get more visibility, but it should be beneficial to everyone who uses the App Store.

And Apple says: that 70 percent of App Store users rely on search to find applications, so this feature can have a significant impact on discoverability and a positive impact on sales for some developers.

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