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Tesla launches beta version of its new full self-driving V9

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Tesla has released a new version for the Full Self-Driving (FSD) system, which has been around since 2018. Tesla drivers have already started testing the new features, which, despite not being 100% autonomous, allows a mode advanced assisted driving.

At its launch, Tesla said in a note that the system “may do the wrong thing, at the worst time”.

Elon Musk left the following note on his Twitter: “Beta 9 addresses most of the known issues, but unknown issues will arise, so please be paranoid”, noting that “security is always the top priority for Tesla”.

The new Tesla is the first model that, instead of having radars, has video cameras that can be monitored through Tesla Vision.

Tesla launches beta version of its new full self driving V9

In this “beta” version, Tesla asks all FSD users to send their feedback on this system, because, according to the brand, this is the ideal way to evolve and meet what users want. Some feedbacks have already been sent.

A driver announced in a video on Twitter who had some difficulty with FSD 9.0 while driving his Tesla through Newport, Rhode Island. There were other users who were surprised by the improvements in navigation, especially in urban environments.

Watch a video with a user’s feedback:

As reported, since the Autopilot appeared in 2015, there have been 11 deaths, in nine accidents, in the USA, using this system.

The camera inside the vehicle can see if the driver is awake and with due attention on the road, thus avoiding accidents. This is especially relevant because in Europe Autopilot and FSD are “more restrictive”.

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