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Tesla Bot will be ready next year says Elon Musk

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Elon Musk says he will have the Tesla Bot ready to show next year, but the truth is that the businessman has a mixed record when it comes to promises and predictions. There were several failed promises and predictions, which has led some experts to say they suspect that Elon Musk will fulfill his promise in relation to Tesla Bot.

Tesla has started a process to hire some robotics experts to build its first humanoid robot. The Tesla Bot will be just over 1.70m and will weigh just 56 kilos, with canvas fabric on the head, face, shoulders and body in a completely white and gray finish.

Last week, at the Tesla AI event, Elon Musk announced that his car company would have a prototype ready next year to help with tasks that are boring, repetitive or dangerous. As proof, Elon Musk shared a PowerPoint and welcomed a dancer to Tesla Bot on stage. It was all reminiscent of the failed display of Cybertruck’s armored glass, which resulted in at least two windows being broken on stage during the performance.


Tesla’s robots, at least the initial models, will be aimed specifically at the company’s own production line. These machines will have high performance, efficiency and high torque density (force) to perform the necessary tasks, possibly more effectively than a human being would.

The promise of a domestic robot leads many experts to doubt the same as Tesla is launching in its cars a “fully autonomous driving” option does not fully live up to its name, even Musk himself admitted on Monday that its current beta version “actually isn’t good”.

It’s easy to be skeptical of Musk’s promises, he has failed many times in the past. The truth is that even man has arguably revolutionized at least two industries, the automobile and space launch in the last decade.

Source: Cnet

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