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Tesla adds Disney+ streaming service to its electric vehicles

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Tesla wants to improve the in-flight experience of its vehicles, and in this sense, it has added a new feature to its electric cars: the insertion of Disney+ streaming services.

Passengers will be able to watch series and movies while the vehicle is in the process of charging. To watch the content, the user naturally needs to have an active Disney + account.

Tesla has also incorporated streaming services such as Netflix, Twitch and even YouTube. At the moment, Tesla has not partnered with companies such as HBO Max, Peacock and Paramount +.


As Engadget advances, Elon Musk’s company also launched the “Car Wash Mode”, following update 2021.24, which consists of preparing the vehicle to be washed. Once this mode is activated, the car automatically closes and turns off many of its features, it also collects the brushes and its side mirrors.

A neutral mode has also been developed, which prevents the handbrake from being activated whenever the driver leaves the vehicle.

Tesla has developed mirrors that automatically darken. In an official statement Tesla wrote: “It is now possible to enable or disable automatic dimming of your mirrors. To do this, just choose Control > Mirror > Auto Dim Mirror”.

Tesla also has an integrated camera system that uses the cameras around the vehicle to record what’s being baked around. “Dashcam can now automatically record short videos whenever the vehicle detects a situation that brings home safety (such as an accident or a situation where the airbag opens). The captured recordings are stored and never transmitted to Tesla, guarantees the brand. To use this function, the user should refer to the “Owner’s Manual”.

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