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Tennis World Tour 2 (PS4) review – wasted potential

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The second title of the Tennis World Tour series was launched last September, so Mais Tecnologia had the opportunity to evaluate it during the last days in order to reach some conclusions about this series return – two years after the first title . This series is produced by Breakpoint Studio, under the responsibility of Bigben Interactive – current producer of the WRC series (which addresses the world of Rallye).

The performance of Bigben Interactive is usually recognized within the video game industry, however, the development of the Tennis World Tour project has not always gone through the best moments among critics, both in the media and among the community. The first game was originally released on May 22, 2018 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4; later, on October 29 of the same year, versions for Windows and Nintendo Switch appeared.

This second edition of the franchise was launched on September 24, 2020 and seeks to remedy some of the problems evidenced in the first game that was released ahead of time, as Bigben’s manager told Le Monde – “the game was only 20% complete [pouco tempo] before its launch ”.

analise de tennis world tour 2 ps4 potencial desperdicado


We are used to dealing with video games that seek to follow reality to an extreme that sometimes it is difficult to distinguish reality from the virtual. Tennis World Tour 2 seeks to do this at a level that is often exaggerated. We are faced with a reality that does not always convey the same emotion that it should. This is not like a car simulator in which we can recreate a whole set of devices that make up the driving experience, even if virtual.

We are talking about a video game that aims to recreate the experience of a tennis game, but that puts it at a level of difficulty that seems to require almost more than a real tennis player. The experience is not bad, by the way. It is better than watching a game, however, it pulls a little more because of the skill of handling your mouse or controller (depending on the platform).

analise de tennis world tour 2 ps4 potencial desperdicado 1

This is not the first game that turns out to be a disaster for creating very specific niches for players. Just as not everyone knows how to drive well, so in games we may not know how to play it so well, but never to the point that we can do little. It is not that this was my case, however, I felt this difficulty in the skin.

However, despite these less positive points, the game brings some interesting places and events such as the French Open or the Wimbledon stadium in London. Apart from that, this game does not add much to what were games of the genre in the past.

analise de tennis world tour 2 ps4 potencial desperdicado 6

Career mode

The Tennis World Tour 2 career mode is unlikely to convey the team’s goals. It is not that game that will delight the most purists in these walks. The goals as a player are not very enriching. Once the routine is learned, it is more of the same – training, tournaments, dealing with the injuries of the characters and little else. I may seem a little harsh, but the truth is that well squeezed there is not much more to offer besides this, however, what exists can amuse you for some time (as long as you don’t start getting into the routine too much).

However, even with little, there are some things that deserve credit such as team management for the events that follow, ensuring that your players are ready to compete – assessing injuries and possible problems that may come before. In addition, the online mode seems to work quite well, without major problems that are notorious. It seems that in this, Breakpoint Studio nailed it.

analise de tennis world tour 2 ps4 potencial desperdicado 2

Finally, I would like to mention that the modes of difficulty are a little “clumsy”, that’s right, clumsy, as it is not easy to define an equitable difficulty for all the tests, given that we have the need for each test to be define all the parameters we applied previously, being subject to differences (if it falls by the wayside).

analise de tennis world tour 2 ps4 potencial desperdicado 7

Graphic Quality

This game – Tennis World Tour 2 – was analyzed on PlayStation 4, where the performance was not surprising, but it also did not disappoint, probably due to the frank average quality of the textures. By chance, I expected more for a game of this type, indoors. We look at games like NBA, PES or FIFA and see more drastic changes when compared to their predecessors.

analise de tennis world tour 2 ps4 potencial desperdicado 3

It is not that it is a hopeless case, it is perfectly playable and does not compromise in terms of characterization of the characters, but it is a little frustrating to see a production company like Bigben not solving problems like this from one of its partner studios, given that it already has some experience in these wanderings. However many difficulties you have, these types of situations do not help to improve, but only to damage the image of the studio. The potential is all there, but it is misused.

Besides, the game offers some stability, without ever having experienced any type of performance problem, or a delay in loading textures that often happens in games like the ones mentioned above (NBA, etc …). In short, do not have high expectations in relation to this issue, but also do not be afraid, as it is within the acceptable for the generation in which it fits.

analise de tennis world tour 2 ps4 potencial desperdicado 8


The pace of play is moderate, given its more realistic style. It is not often that we see widely spaced actions, as all of them are very weighted by the graphic engine, which is a little restrictive in order not to give up any of the realism. If we consider the sprint to be a little faster than normal travel, we can look at Tennis World Tour 2 – yes, it may seem that this is no longer realistic, but if we take into account that we are playing with a controller, we can go from something banal to something unreal at the slightest slip, so it makes sense to restrict the speed a little.

analise de tennis world tour 2 ps4 potencial desperdicado 4

However, these restrictions also bring some problems in preventing those sudden movements that can happen, a little remotely, in a tennis match (in an attempt to defend that better placed ball, for example). Apart from that, we are facing the graphics engine with a lot of positive points and it will most likely be here that the game recovers from the abyss. While for many this game becomes too complicated, for those who idealize this type of difficulty, we are facing a game with very solid mechanics.

Finally, I would just like to emphasize that there are “some aids” that can help improve your performance on the pitch: among them, strength and precision bars that at the distance of a button can make all the difference in the approach to the ball and the ball. your direction in the field. The strategy of placing the ball on the opponent’s field is easily confused, since here the direction in which the camera is placed has little influence on the trajectory of the ball (which seems to be exclusive to the character and not the player). Except for this, it offers good times for those more knowledgeable about the sport.

analise de tennis world tour 2 ps4 potencial desperdicado


In general, the game’s proposal is interesting, but it sins due to technical and ideological inconsistencies, which go through a lot in terms of content, graphics and gameplay, with very contradictory decisions, however, it is an offer to consider even with a strong competition. We’ll see where Nacon takes us with Bigben Interactive Studios. I sincerely hope that this will improve in the future for the good of Breakpoint Studio.

analise de tennis world tour 2 ps4 potencial desperdicado 5

Do you enjoy tennis games? So you should consider trying this game (if you have the chance), especially because it is available for a much more affordable price than most games currently available on the market. Even more offering a truly advantageous online experience. You can purchase it directly at the Nacom store for a price of € 39.99.

Finally, I hope that this analysis can help the reader to decide whether or not to buy this title. Often, the severity of the analysis comes from a very narrow point of view that may not correspond to the opinion of some of the players (so we always expect some skepticism from the reader against some of the arguments made). I would like, once again, to thank the code to test this game provided by Upload Distribution thus allowing Mais Tecnologia the opportunity to evaluate it.

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