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TeamGroup will start selling DDR5-4800 in stores at the end of June

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Raw performance was never the ultimate goal, and so the TeamGroup’s first foray into DDR5 is just a basic spec defined by JEDEC. And compared to the basic DDR4 spec, it’s much better; more than twice as fast. When DDR4 was released, the first kits were not superior to the superior DDR3 modules.

However, there is much more to a memory standard than just speed. DDR5 has SEC ECC built into the matrix (single error correction code) to reduce errors, a double burst length to improve bandwidth, and on-board voltage regulation to allow for larger overclocks, which Hynix has already announced. DDR5 overclocking plans to about 8400 MHz.

And that’s how TeamGroup is set to become the first manufacturer to bring DDR5 to the mass market. Whether this is an achievement or not is a matter of debate, as it will be a few months before Intel or AMD launches a platform capable of running DDR5. However, it is very positive.

TeamGroup will start selling DDR5 4800 in stores at the end

TeamGroup’s first DDR5 kit contains two 16GB DDR5-4800 sticks, and they run on CL40-40-40-77 times, 1.1V and are rated for 38.4GB/s of bandwidth. Later this month or early next month, the kit will be released as “Elite U-DIMM DDR5” on Amazon, Amazon Japan, Newegg and with some unidentified European retailers.

Still, you should not effectively buy this reference, at least not right away. Even TeamGroup recommends purchasing an Intel 600 series motherboard first, which means expecting Alder Lake to be released later this year. But it’s also not automatically the best memory on the market just because it’s DDR5. DDR4-4800 kits are readily available for the same price. And they’re faster, at least superficially: an inexpensive (relatively) DDR4-4800 kit can have CL19-28-28-48 timings, while a sophisticated kit can go up to CL17-19-19-39.

Intel’s upcoming Alder Lake platform is expected to be the first to support DDR5 when it launches in late 2021, closely followed by AMD’s Zen 4. Presumably, TeamGroup will face stiffer competition in the meantime.

Source: Techspot

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