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TCL puts its wearable display glasses on sale

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TCL said: Her wearable viewing glasses Going on sale in July starting in Australia for about $680, with more markets to come later.

The company has been teasing the concept for two years now. It was shown earlier this year at CES Virtual.

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TCL calls the device the NxtWear G and confirms that it is not a virtual reality or augmented reality device in its current form.

Instead, it acts as an external display for your laptop or notebook, with two 1080p Micro OLED panels that give the effect of looking at a 140-inch screen.

The wearable display works with phones, tablets and laptops that offer USB-C DisplayPort functionality, including the latest MacBooks, iPad Pro and Galaxy S21 series phones.

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The NXTWear G features a sunglasses-like design. And theIt is connected directly to your device. It displays content on a 16:9 screen in front of your eyes. It’s also so lightweight that everything, including the cable, weighs 130 grams.

There are stereo speakers built into the frames, although TCL recommends wireless earbuds or a headset.

There is no battery inside. Instead, the NXTWear G draws power from the device connected to it with a USB Type-C cable.

Among other global announcements timed for Mobile World Congress, TCL is announcing a new screen sharing function for its smartphones called Multi-Screen Collaboration.

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TCL introduces its wearable display glasses:

And Multi-Screen Collaboration works at launch with TCL 20 Pro 5G only. It allows phone owners to wirelessly share files, photos, clipboard content and messages with a compatible Windows 10 laptop or PC.

It is also possible to share photos and videos from the phone to the TCL TV.

In this mode, the phone acts as a trackpad so you can move the cursor around the TV screen to select the photos or clips to play.

TCL says the feature is coming to 20 Pro 5G via a software update in the coming months.

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TCL is also previewing another new wearable for kids called Movetime Family Watch 2. It’s a kids-oriented version of its 4G smartwatch designed for seniors.

The watch features a 1.54-inch screen with audio and video calls. There’s real-time location tracking and geolocation, IP65-rated housing, and up to seven days of standby time via its battery. The watch is sold in Europe from mid-August for 149 euros.

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