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TCL Europe announces new C Series TVs and Com Bar TS8132

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TCL Electronics announced the launch of its latest TV models, the TCL C Series and its TS8132 sound bar for Portuguese consumers. These products were designed to allow a better entertainment experience with an exceptional audiovisual performance.

The new TCL C Series features the new C72 Series, C72 + Series and C82 Series with different sizes ranging from 43 ”to 75”, while the new TCL TS8132 sound bar is available for purchase from leading TCL retail partners.

“Appetite for sport, games and entertainment at home will continue to increase. People want better products while spending more time at home and benefit from more and better quality content. Technologically, 4K, smart, AI, Large Screens, QLED, Mini Led and immersive sound are the main features required by consumers. I am very pleased to be able to say that TCL’s new product range responds to these expectations of providing a great experience at an affordable cost ”, refers Frédéric Langin, Vice President Sales & Marketing at TCL Europe.

The new TCL TV C Series includes three new models that mirror its grandeur in its own way.

TCL Europe announces new C Series TVs and Com Bar

Unmatched color reproduction and unique image quality

Thanks to state of the art technology Quantum Dot, but also AiPQ and deep learning, all C72, C72 + and C82 Series offer a true volume of 100% cinematic color created by more than a billion colors and shadows capable of classifying the type of content to create the images on the TV screen even more realistic. The TCL C82 Series incorporates the most genuine TCL Mini-LED technology.

With this high-performance Mini-LED display, it is possible to provide 20 stops in a dynamic range, thousands of Mini-LEDS allow an incredible brightness, to dramatically and richer the images and improve HDR performance; the precision of the control of the Mini-LEDs creates an unparalleled contrast, which makes the C82 Series capable of revealing and highlighting new details in dark areas, for a greater sense of depth, detail and dimension.

The C82 Series is equipped with 4K HDR Premium, which allows a better experience High Dynamic Range with brighter, with details of exceptional shadows and vivid and refined colors; while the C72 and C72 + Series come with 4K HDR Pro, which combined with quantum dot technology provides a superior HDR experience with refined colors and the best details. Users can experience incredible image detail just as filmmakers want. The image they see has as much detail as in real life.

With the C82 Series and C72 + Series, users can enjoy high-speed images, such as sports or action films, with natural smoothness and clearer details thanks to our native display screen. 100Hz. In addition, the C82 incorporates a vertical sweep that makes the fast-moving object very sharp. Nothing can compare with the native 100Hz movement. The C72 Series is also equipped with Motion Clarity for smooth image and improved movement.

All new models of the C Series come with multi-format HDR, ensuring that users can use the maximum capacity of their 4K HDR TV: whether they enjoy Dolby Vision content on Netflix, Disney + or HDR 10+ content on Amazon Prime Video, this 4K HDR TCL TV will always support the best format. In addition, the 4K HDR Dolby Vision IQ, which is available on the C72 + and C82, optimizes the image quality to suit the room’s lighting conditions.

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The best gaming experience to be able to play like a Pro

For gamers, a responsive TV is just as important as one with a good image. The C72 Series comes with Game master: with HDMI 2.1, and ALLM, the user will experience the lowest latency and the best picture settings to play. The C82 Series and C72 + Series feature the Game master Pro, which includes the new HDMI 2.1 48 Gbps, allowing for faster refresh rates, including 4K at up to 120 frames per second, and VRR eliminates intermittent and watery effects for fluid and more detailed gameplay .

Captivating surround sound

Both C72 Series and C72 + Series feature Onkyo sound with Dolby Atmos: ONKYO speakers, specially designed for greater clarity and precision of sound, which allow a more realistic Dolby Atmos sound experience at home. The C82 Series features a sound solution 2.1 ONKYO surround with front columns. It allows for incredibly immersive sound for movies, music and games.

The TCL C82 series has a dedicated bass speaker located at the rear of the TV. The ONKYO sound system and Dolby Atmos take your cinema quality audio experience that takes the cinema experience to a new dimension.

Advanced Smart TV Features

The new C Series comes with the latest version 11 of the system Android TV integrated with Google Assistant. Discover the latest blockbuster, see the result of the game or turn off the lights – all without interrupting what users are watching. Like Hands-Free voice control combined with Google Assistant, TCL Android Tv makes life simpler and smarter. In collaboration with Alexa, users can ask to listen to each other, listen to the news, check the weather, adjust the TV volume, change the TV channel, control their smart home, and much more.

O Google Duo works seamlessly with TCL Andorid TV: free, simple, high-quality video calls with a TCL TV to connect with your closest friends and family. The C82 Series has a 1080P magnetic wide-angle camcorder that unlocks the full potential of your TV. This camera activates chat applications so that you can stay connected with your loved ones or to share experiences on a large screen.

TikTok now available on TCL TV

Since the end of March, the TikToK TV application has been available on TCL TVs, bringing the most relevant TikTok content to people’s homes across the UK, France and Germany. TikTok will be promoted and recommended on existing models and on all 2021 models of TCL TVs, bringing TikTok entertainment content directly to people’s televisions.

The TikTok TV application was created specifically for a television viewing experience, allowing people to view the contents of the TikTok ‘For You’ and ‘Following’ feeds, as well as view the most viewed content on the social network. These contents are organized into categories covering all topics, from gaming and comedy to beauty and fashion.

Breathtaking design

All new C Series models have a frameless ultrathin metal design, this ultra-thin design concept uses real metal, making it not only an elegant piece of art, but also durable that will integrate with the users’ leisure space. Both C82 Series and C72 + Series include a metal central support elegant so that this television can be easily placed on any surface of the home. The C72 Series includes a adjustable two-position bracket, which allows you to place the TCL soundbar or install the television on any surface of the home.

Meet the new TCL TS8132 sound bar

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TCL, which has a successful track record with sound bars that offer immersive Dolby Atmos sound in formats adapted to the constraints of many consumers, launches its latest sound bar this year TS8132. The sound bar 3.1.2 Dolby Atmoscom wireless subwoofer, creates an immersive sound environment for all your favorite streaming services, TV and games.

The Dolby Atmos experience in a new dimension driven by nothing less, nothing more than 8 speakers that allow you to live a powerful sound experience. Not only will performance surprise you, it will also surprise you with its surprisingly elegant design and a compact and powerful subwoofer.

In addition to offering an excellent immersive experience for TV and cinema, it will quickly become the audio hub of your living room with the integrated Chromecast, works with Apple AirPlay, works with Alexa connecting to all popular audio ecosystems . It also supports HDMI with eARC to connect to your TV with support for all audio formats and 4K Dolby Vision compatible.

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