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TCL Announces NXTWEAR G Glasses and Multi-Screen Collaboration Functionality

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TCL announced today at MWC the availability of its NXTWEAR G Wearable Display Glasses. Unveiled in January at CES 2021, the TCL NXTWEAR G combines two Sony OLED micro screens with portability, plug-and-play functionality and a comfortable, stylish design.

In parallel, TCL also launched its Multi-Screen Collaboration functionality across multiple devices in selected product lines. This functionality offers fluid productivity across multiple product categories, including TCL Mobile equipment and accessories, laptops, tablets and televisions.

Aaron Zhang, CEO of TCL Communication, said: “With expertise of TCL in Display Greatness, now is the perfect time to challenge the existing single-screen and isolated scenario in the various segments. in the segment premium, the NXTWEAR G Smart Glasses becomes an extension of the mobile device and transports you to a private cinematic premiere, wherever you are. Looking at the brand’s global portfolio, high-end, affordable devices, including the TCL 20 Pro 5G, will be even more valued in the coming months, with the arrival of Multi-Screen Collaboration functionality with upcoming software updates .”

TCL Announces NXTWEAR G Glasses and Multi Screen Collaboration Functionality


Experience connected, intelligent vision with the TCL NXTWEAR G Wearable Display Glasses, a portable cinema for movie buffs, an immersive world for moviegoers. gamers, or a private space at home, work or transport. Combining comfort with a sophisticated frameless design and being foldable, the NXTWEAR G boasts a stylish, reflective black outer face with premium finishes.

Convenient and compact, the NXTWEAR G is protected by a capsule-shaped case that can be tucked away in a small backpack or handbag. No charger required; these convenient glasses are plug-and-play, so they can be connected to laptop, tablet or smartphone to receive power. These features result in a unique, hassle-free viewing environment by being perfectly compatible with legacy technology.

A pioneer in display technology, TCL knows which elements make for a fantastic viewing experience. is this expertise which makes the two 1080p high definition Sony FHD Micro OLED screens perfectly positioned to deliver a cinema-sized experience when the NXTWEAR G emulates a 140-inch screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

TCL Announces NXTWEAR G Glasses and Multi Screen Collaboration Functionality

With a visual experience that supports 3D 4K content integrated with stereo speakers, movie and video game soundtracks also gain new life, in a total sensory immersion for the user.

The stylish black reflective exterior of the TCL NXTWEAR G is combined with an interior of nylon and silica gel, carefully selected materials around a metal frame that result in a perfect fit, while also being soft to the skin and durable. Inside the case there are three nose holders in three different sizes to cover all face shapes as well as a lens adapter for optimal viewing, regardless of the preexistence of an ocular refractive issue such as nearsightedness for example.

Thanks to the open design of the NXTWEAR G, which ensures some peripheral vision for the user, you can either direct your gaze to your fingers when typing or look to greet a flight attendant or hostess who offers you a drink during a flight. In a unique balance between escapism and presence, it is now possible to get lost in a movie or enjoy a front row seat at a virtual concert, while maintaining the awareness of what is happening in the surrounding environment.

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The NXTWEAR G is used just like a traditional pair of glasses, without straps or ribbons that ruin the hairstyle, batteries that need to be charged or slots to fit a smartphone. No app is needed either: just plug the glasses into any smart device with a USB-C display port and put them on for an incredible viewing experience.

The NXTWEAR G is compatible with over 100 smartphones, 2-in-1 hybrid devices, and notebooks from all major manufacturers, becoming commercially available in the Australian market early next month, and subsequently being made available in select markets.

Multi-Screen Collaboration

TCL’s Multi-Screen View starts with whatever equipment you have with you. For example, when you are commuting to work, you enter the train station and buy tickets with payment contactless through the smartphone, while listening to music streaming on 5G. Once seated in the carriage, exchange the TCL 20 Pro 5G for a cinematic wearable, NXTWEAR G, automatically immersing yourself in a big-screen experience while resting and recharging your batteries.

TCL Announces NXTWEAR G Glasses and Multi Screen Collaboration Functionality

When the movie ends, it’s time to exchange the glasses for a laptop. With TCL’s Multi-Screen Collaboration, Windows 10 users can easily edit, share and control content on their smartphone from their laptop screen. By sharing the 5G mobile network, the smartphone can stay in the backpack while the laptop has easy access to files and images, Android apps, a shared clipboard and a plethora of other features.

On the last leg of the journey it’s time to read a book. As you swap your laptop for the TCL 10 TABMAX tablet, the shared screen experience continues, with smartphone notifications popping up on the tablet screen so you can be focused on just one screen at a time.

Now that you’ve finally arrived at the hotel, the job is done and it’s time to relax, easily and directly uploading content to the television. So you can watch high-resolution videos captured on the TCL 20 Pro 5G, enjoy one of your favorite series or even create a relaxed atmosphere while sending a music playlist for the television to play. It is now possible to work on multiple screens, minimizing distractions and maximizing the richness of experiences.

Multi-Screen Collaboration will be supported on multiple devices in select product lines, starting on the TCL 20 Pro 5G smartphone via a software update.

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