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TCL Announces New Router and MOVETIME Family Watch 2

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The TCL LINKHUB 5G Outdoor Router uses built-in high-gain antennas to receive the best 5G signals on all frequencies. These features make it ideal for people residing in areas with few base stations, and help telecom operators to grow their 5G customer base.

Simply insert a 5G SIM card into the device to access download speeds of up to 4.67Gbps in sub-6GHz transmissions.

Being a flexible, efficient and economical solution for last mile telecom operators can expect a quick return on investment in the new 5G Router.

The equipment can be installed on a pole or wall in a variety of installation options and is designed to withstand all types of weather conditions, with an IP67 certified housing, waterproof and dustproof, lightning protection and operating in a thermal range from -40°C to +55°C.

TCL Announces New Router and MOVETIME Family Watch 2

MOVETIME Family Watch 2

Building on the success of the original MOVETIME Family Watch watch, the new smartwatch includes features that help children explore the world, while at the same time giving peace of mind to their parents. These features include greater geolocation accuracy, an improved camera, a larger screen and a 40 percent improved battery capacity.

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As children’s safety is a priority, MOVETIME Family Watch 2 uses real-time geolocation to show where the watch wearer is at any time and records a history of locations. O geofencing Safe zone also means that if the child strays from the pre-defined area, the parents receive an alert on their phones.

4G voice, video calls and text messages can be activated with a Nano SIM card, so parents can instantly communicate with their children. A one-touch SOS button also means young users can make emergency contacts without wasting time.

TCL Announces New Router and MOVETIME Family Watch 2

To ensure that the MOVETIME Family Watch 2 is truly suitable for its little users, TCL has developed a dedicated Kids UI that is installed on this 1.54” screen watch. Smart and easy to use, Kids UI allows kids to customize their home screen with colorful wallpapers.

MOVETIME Family Watch 2 will be available in Europe from August 2021 at a suggested PVPR of 149 euros.

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