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TCL 20 SE Analysis: Review

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The company TCL has been launching very good smartphones and increasingly they are getting better, presenting more features. The TCL 20 SE smartphone is quite basic, not being one of the company’s top of the range. But within the cheap smartphone market, it’s an excellent choice. This device costs between €150 to €200, however, in the Amazon can buy for less than €125, what an incredible price.

Design and screen

The glowing effect on the back of the TCL 20 SE gives it a sleek look, although the smartphone’s body is entirely made of plastic. Still, this brilliance gives a premium quality feel. Interestingly, the camera part is something remarkable on the TCL 20 SE smartphone, standing out. At the same time, the side buttons are not very pretty.

The 20 SE achieves a very good screen/body ratio of 90%. But perhaps the most interesting part of its design is its polymethacrylate back, a material that looks very close to glass. Most of the back body of this smartphone has circular reflections of green or black, but a vertical band in matte color has been added on the left, and it offers a very attractive contrast. And it differs from other models that we find in smartphones in this price range.


We also find in this device a fingerprint reader. The company managed to keep the 20 SE with a very competitive weight of 206 grams, which makes it much easier to use with one hand, although it is clear that it is more designed for larger hands.

Typically, an affordable smartphone needs to have a large screen that supports HD resolution to present a stylish viewing experience to users. The 20 SE smartphone fulfills these two criteria and offers a combination of giant IPS LCD technology of 6.82 inch screen resolution.

The bright look of the TCL 20 SE smartphone combines a unified experience, even in natural light. In addition, the user will not feel any restriction as he can set the white light intensity to decrease the night brightness intensity. This device is also equipped with dark mode, which further reduces eye strain and gradually increases battery life.

Performance and Storage

Like most TCL smartphones, the 20 SE comes with a custom TCL UI interface. This interface is designed to provide maximum performance and focuses on ease of use. However, we always find some bloatware here and there, which is quite common as they are just system software applications. This does not mean that the company allows ad notifications to be an ongoing nuisance. The firmware is clean and we didn’t notice ads while we checked the ecosystem.


In addition to the Android ecosystem, there are several other personalization features that can create a personalized homepage and shortcuts to quickly access relevant applications. Furthermore, the hardware configuration of the Snapdragon 460 has enough power to ensure that you can enjoy gaming on the smartphone along with multitasking without any hassle.

The performance of the TCL 20 SE is enough to distribute power to each section of the smartphone and subtly improve processing through core power. Significant support comes via 4GB RAM, while storage is 64GB or 128GB, depending on the device variant. However, UFS 2.1 support is only available in the 128GB variant. There is an extra SIM card slot to increase storage space.


The 20 SE is compatible with 3G and 4G. This smartphone has an integrated GPS receiver, a satellite navigation system that allows you to determine the exact geographic location on Earth. The handset also comes with Near Field Communications (NFC) functionality to transfer and receive content from other NFC-enabled devices. This smartphone from TCL has an FM radio receiver.



One of the big surprises of this device is the main photographic set. Nothing less than a four-lens module on the back of the device and a camera on the front, something that is usually only found in smartphones that cost twice or triple the TCL 20 SE. However, they are lenses without great resolution, as is normal for such a cheap and basic smartphone.

The main lens has 16 megapixels, while the second is a wide angle lens with a resolution of 5 megapixels. It is the latter that takes the widest shots to capture a building, monument or landscape. The third lens is a macro type, for detailed photos, with 2 megapixels. The fourth and last is the one that is specifically used to capture details in depth.

In the front camera, the selfie, there are no surprises: a single 8 megapixel sensor and the ability to record videos in 720p.



At the heart of the TCL 20 SE smartphone is a 5,000 milliampere battery. A high capacity that, according to company data, provides up to 17 and a half hours of use with the device. In addition, it includes reverse charge technology.

The USB type-C connector and the quick charge function of up to 18W are also present in this smartphone, two features that are normally removed from cheaper devices.


The TCL 20 SE smartphone is quite decent according to the value of the specs and the cost of the device, which is less than 125€ on Amazon. Given that we’re buying a powerful battery, good storage, a robust processor and an optimally sized screen, this is a good deal.


On the other hand, there are some flaws in the camera system software, which do not provide the clarity and detail we normally look for in photos, especially for those who like to share them on social media.

The Android 11 operating system with custom features is also great, and the glossy design makes the smartphone even more attractive. For those looking for a smartphone that has value-added specs for little money, then the TCL 20 SE is a good choice.

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