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Take-Two Interactive has remasters and remakes yet to be announced

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T2 Interactive — an acronym for which it is recognized among the community — is perhaps one of the distributors that move the most money within the video game industry. Holder of rights to games like Grand Theft Auto 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2, produced by the subsidiary and producer, Rockstar Games, has just revealed that there are at least three titles in development that have not yet been announced.

The news was made public after the conference in anticipation of the «earnings call» of the first quarter of 2022 (Q1 2022) gives T2. This report mentions the fact that there are six «new ways to be traced to address games released in the past» in development. It may even be possible to speculate on which games Take-Two is referring to, however, one thing is certain, Strauss Zelnick — CEO of Take-Two Interactive since 2011 — has already mentioned that T2’s priority in the The near future was to release new games with some regularity, maintaining the rigor and quality that is known.

Three of these titles have already been made known to the public — Grand Theft Auto 5: Expanded and Enhanced and Kerbal Space Program, both for new generation (current) consoles, the fourth version of Grand Theft Auto Online, since the game’s original release in 2013. However, we can infer that more details are to come for Rockstar Games’ current strong game — Red Dead Redemption 2 — which is in charge of the Rockstar San Diego and that so far, it has not had much support for online (comparatively) the GTA.


Much is speculated, there is that they try to find arguments to justify what we mentioned above, others to refer to a studio project «gearbox» or even a remake, or remastering of one of the most awaited series of all time (in the opinion of a significant part of the community), BioShock, after five years without a new release. the last was BioShock: The Collection, for almost more than half a decade.

However, it was also suspected of other titles such as bully — widely mentioned in rumors or leaks — or even the Mafia series the responsibility of the 2K Games that resurrected the acclaimed Mafia game series (lost in time) which has now returned to its «feet firmly on the ground». on the twentieth anniversary of Max Payne, this too was not spared the euphoria of the community in trying to find out what to expect.


However, we learned that the Take-Two is about to announce, still in the later this month, a new series exciting, with a launch which points to the end of the fiscal, in March 2022.

Source Eurogamer

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