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Tails 4.20 is released with greater security anonymous.

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Tails 4.20 (The Amnesic Incognito Live System) aims to ensure user anonymity, it was updated today to version 4.20, a release that features a new Tor network connection wizard.

The biggest change in Tails 4.20 is the brand new Tor connection wizard which simplifies the way a user connects to the anonymous network. The new Tor wizard appears immediately after connecting to a local network.

The advantages of the new wizard are many, mainly in the part of helping monitored users, but it promises to better protect anyone who wants to go unnoticed when using the Tor network, or those who wish to connect to Tor using bridges.

Tails 420 is released with greater security anonymous

The Tor browser isolates cookies and erases your browser’s browsing history. The Tor network is made up of thousands of systems. This system is different from the traditional VPN, there is no central entity or point of failure that you can trust to be able to browse in privacy.

“This new wizard is most useful for users who are at high risk of physical surveillance, under heavy network censorship or with a weak Internet connection,” Tails published.

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This is just the initial launch of the Tor connection wizard, which means that it performs the basic functionality needed to connect to the Tor network.

The Tails team plans to add even more features, such as the ability to save Tor bridges to storage, detection of broken Wi-Fi connections, detection of LAN entries using a captive portal or synchronization.

In addition to the new Tor Connection wizard, Tails version 4.20 comes with several updated applications and core components, such as OnionShare 2.2 , KeePassXC 2.6.2 , Tor Browser 10.5.2 , Mozilla Thunderbird 78.11, Tor and Linux kernel 5.10.46 LTS.

Tor is still a service used to secure your online activity, it’s free software, its development remains active, it’s the most powerful program currently available, as behind a VPN there’s always someone who knows who’s connecting to it.

Several bugs have been fixed and security holes fixed to offer the user a more stable and secure experience with Tails. If you liked it and were curious to try it, you can download the Tails 4.20 here with us.

Source: Tails

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