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SuperFlix overturned by justice | More Technology

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The Ministry of Justice and Public Security, together with the civil police of nine Brazilian states, launched this Thursday the third phase of Operation 404.

In all, 334 websites and 94 illegal content transmission applications were blocked. The police carried out 11 search and seizure warrants.

Copyright infringement is the main crime investigated in the operation. The penalty is two to four years in prison, in addition to hefty fines. Ordinary users could also be sentenced to imprisonment from three months to a year or heavy fines.

One of the main sites to be taken down is the SuperFlix , a platform widely used to watch movies and series for free. On Twitter, the term ‘SuperFlix’ became one of the most talked about this Thursday, as the site was quite popular.

SuperFlix overturned by justice More Technology

To access the site it was not necessary to sign up, the administrators were paid by access. In the data researched by the Police, it was verified that in the month of May of this year, the site had more than 17 million accesses, being considered one of the most visited in the country.

The operation had the collaboration of the United States embassies – Homeland Security Investigations, of the Department of Justice, and also the United Kingdom embassy in Brazil – Intellectual Property Office and PPCU – Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit.

The operation name (404) refers to the HTTP protocol response code to indicate that the web page was not found or is unavailable.

Importance of Operation 404

During the press, the National Consumer Secretary, Juliana Oliveira Domingues, explained the importance of the Operation: “we are working to raise awareness about the damage to health, to consumer safety,” he comments, “information such as CPF, RG, IP , this gives criminal organizations more possibilities for fraud. The consumer is promoting an environment of fraud.”

The speech is reinforced by the Secretary for Integrated Operations of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, Alfredo Carrijo, who says that this type of crime should not be underestimated. He claims that these illegal services are a “profitable arm for organized crime,” which is constantly expanding.

Source: tecmundo

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