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Stratosphere is the new vehicle that moves on land, air and water

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Italian designer who is dedicated to creating eccentric motor vehicles, Pierpaolo Lazzarini, presented his latest work, the Stratosfera. At the moment, the vehicle is still in the construction phase, having a ball diameter of 1.65 meters, and it carries up to two passages, providing a unique journey, by air, land or water, thanks to being built from materials like carbon fiber.

The vehicle travels on water due to an extendable sheet mounted on the underside of the ball, making the submerged part maintain a very low center of gravity when incorporating all the batteries. It has two 150 HP electric jet engines to fly above the water surface and can reach speeds up to 30 knots, which corresponds to approximately 56 km/h.

The cockpit is transformed, making it possible to travel in different ways. The Volatile version has four rotors, allowing you to fly at speeds up to 250 km/h. You can also walk slowly so that you can enjoy the view, simulating the speed of a hydrogen balloon. Through its wheels, the vehicle easily transforms and travels over land.

Stratosphere is the new vehicle that moves on land air

Second is advanced by the website designboom, access to the Stratosphere is via a front sliding glass or through an opening in the roof. The chassis can be adapted to ride on water, land or sky. Meanwhile, other ways of moving the vehicle are being studied, and the possibility of transforming it into a submarine, or a vehicle capable of moving in the snow, is being considered.

The company responsible for creating Stratosfera hopes to launch its product in mid-2022, with no official date. Yanko Design has already announced that this project will be “an open-source reference for futuristic mobility studies”.

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Source: Design Boom

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