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Still have the Samsung Galaxy S8? It’s time to change it!

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In 2017, the Galaxy S8 represented a major step in the evolution of the main line of the Samsung Galaxy S, removing the home button and innovating in the margins of the screen. Four years later, it’s still a beautifully designed phone, but unfortunately it has reached the end of the line when it comes to updates – Samsung has ended software support for the S8 and S8 +, as well as changed other older devices to a less regular one. update schedule.

Last year, the Galaxy S8 and S8 + stopped receiving monthly security patches, starting to obtain them only quarterly from that point. They have now been removed from the list of supported devices. The S8 Active is still receiving quarterly updates and the S8 Lite will continue to get them every six months for a while, as both devices hit the market a little later than the major versions.

If you’re still using the Galaxy S8 as your primary phone, now is the time to upgrade. Security updates are essential to keep you safe and protected from online threats, especially if you use your device to shop or bank online.

This leaves the question of where to go should go. Personally, there are excellent choices. If you want to stay at Samsung you have the latest Samsung Galaxy S21, but you also have the Oppo Find X3 Pro, which is an excellent device.

Still have the Samsung Galaxy S8 Its time to change

The S21 and S21 + are perfect upgrades for the S8. One UI 3.1 may have received many new features and refinements compared to One UI 1.0 on the S8, but everything is where it should be and will feel right at home. If you want something more modern, the S21 Ultra is also a great choice.

They picked up on all the good things about the “younger” brothers, while correcting most of the problems found in last year’s model. These phones are also often available at a discounted price, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get a good price with your upgrade.

Above all, it will be easier to live with an S21 for four years than the S8, as Galaxy devices from 2019 onwards now have a four-year warranty on regular security updates, making them the best long-term phones.

In addition to ending support for the S8, other phones and tablets have also had their update frequency changed. Here is the complete list:

End of support

Galaxy S8 / S8 +
Galaxy J7 Pop

Changed from quarterly to half-yearly

Galaxy A2 Core
Galaxy A10
Galaxy A20
Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2019)
Galaxy Tab A with S pen
Galaxy Tab S5e

Changed to quarterly

Galaxy A82 5G

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