Stay alert! Apple does not want you to cover the webcam and close the laptop

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With the increase in the need for privacy, the well-known covers for webcams have become widely available. These are plastic and simply cover this element that is often used to spy.

Many users use these covers applied and always covering the cameras, thinking that everything is fine. Apple understands that it does not and now has a warning that it should not close the notebook covers with the webcam cover applied.

Apple webcam cover screen

An Apple alert for your community

The presence of a webcam on a laptop can be the door for users to be spied on. This has made it almost mandatory to have a cover over this element to increase privacy and protect users.

For most, this would be an element that did not interfere with the notebook and should be used. Apple came now launch an alert for not using this cover, as it represents a problem and could damage a MacBook, especially its screen.

Webcam caps should not be used

In this recommendation made by the brand, it is revealed that these covers can damage the screen, since the space between the screen and the keyboard is designed to be tight. Covering the integrated camera can also interfere with the ambient light sensor.

There are already several cases documented problems caused by these parts, with the screen almost always being affected. Users had to pay large sums to replace this broken element.

Apple webcam cover screen

Screens suffer the most in this process

Apple has the solution for using the camera light. The design created by the brand guarantees the safety of the user. The light will always be on when the camera is active and cannot be controlled externally.

In cases where this use is mandatory, it is recommended to use one with the smallest thickness possible. There is also the solution of removing the cover before closing any MacBook and thus keeping the screen protected.

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