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State-of-the-art cars and technology in 2020

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If we talk about cars, in all countries it is one of the investments that most people choose to make, as well as buying properties. For those who like cars and technology, there is an annual event that takes place in the world, the Consumer Electronics Show, where the most important car brands are presented. Almost all brands try to make their best models with the best technologies and electronic advances.

Several brands try to win the public with models with a robotic and charming look. From flying cars to those that are already autonomous. Among the most outstanding companies are Mercedes Benz, Honda, Sony also launched the new futuristic car from the films that we have always seen in the cinema.

At this moment, all cars have the competence to like and focus not only on the sales podium but also the recognition of the original design and visuals. Speaking of the Sony brand, it launched a state-of-the-art model, the Sony Vision S: fully electric and autonomous model, the model has several cameras and sensors.

State of the art cars and technology in 2020

Inside it is clear that it has all the technology that Sony wants to deploy, it comes with a touch screen and it even has an individual sound control for each person staying in the car. They are limited models that are made for a guided life and for qualified customers. The idea of ​​brands in this case, is not the purpose of mass selling, but rather to seek the competence of which are the models that rock in innovations.

The cars that arrive in Brazil with the best technology

Brazil, as everyone knows, has a passionate audience for cars. The chevrolet Onix is ​​one of the best selling models in Brazil, the brand always likes to have innovations and technology that year after year is updated in visual and electronics

Other models like Honda Fit and Fiat Strada are also being renewed in the new generations of new cars. Brazil has a loyal audience when it comes to buying used and used cars. One of the best known cities in the State of Bahia, such as Feira de Santana, well known for its commercial success in several categories. One is the purchase and sale of used and used cars.

Brands such as Mercedes Benz EQC, Audi E-tron and Honda and also the Jeep. They all come with hybrid and electric models. Dealers and used in Feira de Santana, Bahia constitutes an excellent market of values ​​and prices that the great brands offer their best cars.

The BMW also in 2020 put a model X6 with more space and a lot of lighting in the space outside. The Chevrolet Tracker also came out as attractive new versions to the public. The third generation of this model reached many Brazilian buyers.

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One of the most recognized brands worldwide and in Brazil is Ferrari, which has the unprecedented model like the SF90 Stradale as a hybrid model that can be charged with electricity. It has a power that makes it reach a speed of 200 km per hour, and its acceleration from 0 to 200 can be in 7 seconds.

Hyundai has its own new generation with the unprecedented Palisade model. It can even take 7 people with great convenience. Its mechanics and technology make it the most expensive model of the Hyundai brand in Brazil. The Jeep was also within the competence for demonstrating its talents and gaining people’s attention. He was one of the first to win a hybrid model on the market. The Jeep Renegade is also on the list of the 10 best selling cars in Brazil.

Brazil has several important commercially important cities, such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Bahia, but Feira de Santana was one of the cities that most increased its sales in all categories, and the market for new and used cars in Feira it was the one that grew the most in the last years, the great location of the city and tourism was what favored the economic growth.

In the struggle of each brand to conserve its public and still have new customers, it is not the sale of a number of units in the Brazilian market, but rather to have the latest technology and mechanics expected for a specific audience looking for a good car. , comfortable and technological.

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