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Starting this month Microsoft will block Windows 10 apps

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Microsoft has been constantly concerned with making Windows 10 more secure and efficient, and in this sense, it has undergone several updates. In recent times, Windows Defender has received increased attention from the company. And Microsoft has just announced that starting this month it will automatically block some applications.

Since May, the system manually blocks some applications, however, the update provides for the entire process to be automated.

From now on, the functionality will be enabled by default, that is, the Windows antivirus will detect possible problems and will stop the malicious software. Microsoft says it will block apps that may have torrents, cracks, advertisements, or applications that don’t have a good rating.


All users who have updated their Windows will see some applications blocked. Only those who have not made updates will not be prevented from accessing a certain type of content. In a statement, Microsoft says: “so that the user can ensure that their devices with Windows 10 have the best possible performance, we will, from August, activate the application blocking system”.

This decision by Microsoft does not please many users who prefer to have freedom of choice. The new functionality will affect, especially those who use some applications in an uncool way. Although this decision may not please many people, Microsoft considers the measure crucial, as its main concern is the security of Windows 10 users.

Even though the blocking is done automatically, whoever does not want to, this function will be able to deactivate it at all. To do this, go to the Start menu and select the Settings option. Then just choose “Updates and Security” and “Windows Security”. In “Apps and Browser Control”, the user has the option to disable the automatic blocking.

Source: Laptop Mag

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