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Stardew Valley will host an e-sports tournament

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When it comes to e-sports, what comes to mind are high adrenaline game competitions, such as: Call of Duty, Rainbow Six: Siege, Rocket League and even Gran Turismo. In fact, games of a peaceful nature are almost never seen as a choice when it comes to professional competitions.

Recently Eric Barone, the creator of Stardew Valley, announced through his Twitter account the first official tournament of the farming game. Barone joined UnsurpassableZ, a streamer from Stardew Valley, to create more than 100 challenges and goals that will be part of the competition.

4 teams will participate in the competition, each of which will have 4 participants. The members of each team will have to work with each other for 3 hours to complete the different challenges, each of which has a different score. The teams will also have to define which are the highest priority challenges and which ones can be left unfinished due to the value of the score or the value of the available time. During the event, UnsurpassableZ will launch up to 5 surprise challenges in order to keep the competition captivating. The prize has also been revealed, being that it is a cash prize of 40000 dollars divided by the four members of the winning team.


The competition will take place on the 4th of September at 16:00 (Mainland Portugal) on the Twitch channel of UnsurpassableZ. streamer and Eric Barone himself will be the event commentators

In fact, this is not the first Stardew Valley competition with a cash prize. In 2019 some members of the gaming community organized a small competition through the Twitch website whose prize was $35,000. However, as this is the first official competition, its success will be the determining factor for Barone to continue to organize more of these events.

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