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Stadia 3.24 continues the preparation of the phone, as Android TV controller

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With Stadia 3.24, now released via the Play Store, the only major developments are related to preparations for Bridge mode. In particular, we see how it will relate to the Stadia app for Android TV, as it will appear in the setup process and throughout the app. One of Stadia’s most exciting promises on Android TV is that we’ll be able to get great video games right on a smart TV, and all we need to buy is a remote.

Stadia’s latest Android update continues to evolve so that we can play games on TV using the phone as a remote.

In recent months, the 9to5google team has followed the addition of “Bridge Mode” to Stadia for Android. Effectively, the feature will allow you to connect a phone to Android TV (or likely any Stadia device) as a Wi-Fi controller. There are two main ways to interact with the controller via Stadia’s Bridge Mode.

Stadia 324 continues the preparation of the phone as AndroidIf you have a controller connected via USB or Bluetooth to your Android phone, the Stadia app will pass these commands to any Stadia session you have connected to. This will be useful for Chromecast Ultra, which currently only supports Wi-Fi controllers, and Stadia for Android TV, which does not support USB controllers.

Alternatively, Stadia’s Bridge Mode can turn your phone’s touch screen into a game controller by connecting the controls for the game. This can be useful for any situation where you have more players than gamepads and can also be useful for those who simply want to see if Stadia works on their connection before purchasing a controller.

1626963735 379 Stadia 324 continues the preparation of the phone as AndroidAnd so you’ll need to connect a remote or phone before you can play:

1. Open the Stadia app on your phone.

2. Look for a notification in the app or tap the command icon.

3. Once on the remote screen, select “Phone touch gamepad” and follow the instructions.

There is also a new text function in the Stadia app that will be displayed in the special situation of accessing a pre-release copy of a game. It is unclear whether this is primarily intended for games provided to members of the press or whether Google is gearing up for more games to get confirmed beta testing for Stadia.

Source: 9to5google

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