Spying on WhatsApp is possible and these are all ways

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Spying on WhatsApp is possible and these are all ways

These are all the ways to spy on Whatsapp. WhatsApp is not a 100% surefire app: these are the ways they can spy on you. That there are alternatives to WhatsApp that stand out for their security as in the case of Signal has its explanation: WhatsApp, despite being the most used messaging app in the world, is not foolproof and there will always be someone who will be able to take advantage of the gaps existing in the application to perform techniques that will allow him to spy on conversations of other people on Whatsapp.

And is that, although it is not as simple as it once was, it is possible to spy on conversations on WhatsApp and it is certainly something you should keep in mind when using the app to prevent third parties from accessing the information you share through your chats. For this reason, in this guide we review all the ways to spy on Whatsapp, to also help you avoid this type of situation.

Spying on WhatsApp these are all the ways

First of all, how can you stop them from spying on your WhatsApp?

As I said at the beginning, spying on WhatsApp is not as easy as it once was. Until the application introduced end-to-end encryption in its chats, anyone connected to our Wi-Fi network with the necessary tools could access the content of our messages sent and received simply by analyzing network traffic. Fortunately, this method no longer works and attackers have to look for other more complex ways to spy on Whatsapp.

Having said that, it is necessary to mention that there is no solution that allows you to avoid all types of espionage techniques through WhatsApp, although maintaining a good level of security in our account can help, and a lot. Therefore, we recommend that you take a look at our WhatsApp security guide.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning – although it should be obvious – that spying on WhatsApp conversations is completely illegal. In fact, it is a crime of the penal code, which refers to the discovery and disclosure of secrets, and which provides for prison sentences of 1 to 4 years. In addition, the penalties are reinforced when the acts have been committed by the spouse or a person who has maintained an emotional relationship with the victim even if there was no coexistence.

Taking into account all the above, now yes, we will see all the ways they can spy on your WhatsApp.

Via WhatsApp Web

It would not be the first time that WhatsApp Web is at the center of the controversy because of security breaches which allow attackers to access chat content or even introduce malware to their victims’ computers.

But beyond the vulnerabilities it could have, the simple fact of working through the browser, associated with a WhatsApp account, makes WhatsApp Web one of the most used ways to spy on WhatsApp chats. And it is enough to access WhatsApp on a computer, to access all the conversations, both current and previous, with all your messages and shared files.

Moreover, WhatsApp notifies your mobile phone only when you log in for the first time, so if the person who wants to spy on us removes this notification, ** we will not know if someone is reading our messages through the website version of the messaging app.

How to avoid it: to avoid spying on WhatsApp through the web version, access the “WhatsApp Web” section of the application on your mobile device and check which devices you are connected to. If you see a suspicious computer, you can touch it to disconnect and remove access to your messages.

Through WhatsApp backups

Although it is not a simple technique like that of WhatsApp Web, like they explain about AdslZone, it is also possible to spy on WhatsApp conversations through the backup copies that the app creates of our conversations. For this, there are specific tools and software that allow you to decrypt backup packages and then access their content.

How to avoid it: for some years, WhatsApp backups have been stored on Google Drive. This adds another layer of security. Furthermore, to access the copies, the attacker would have to have the access code that WhatsApp sends via SMS when accessing a new device. That’s why it’s so important to ignore the messages asking us for this type of verification codes.

Using spyware

Unfortunately, over the years, more and more instruments are emerging to spy on WhatsApp conversations. Although some are justified on the assumption that they are parental control applications that allow parents and guardians to know who their children are talking to, the reality is that in most cases they are used for other purposes.

In addition, these types of applications have become increasingly complex, so not they don’t even need permissions of superuser o root to perform their function. Some of them also offer theaccess business suit to the content of the device, including call logs, chats, group chats and multimedia files via WhatsApp.

However, we cannot fail to mention that a good number of these tools not only do their job, but it can also pose a risk to those who use them. In fact, it wouldn’t be the first time that security forces have reported scams disguised as this type of software.

How to avoid it: frequently review the list of apps installed on your mobile phone to exclude suspicious or unknown applications. Also, if you suspect that they can spy on your conversations, checking if your phone is running slower or is consuming more battery than usual can be indications that something wrong – a background process may be running to allow the attacker access to all content on your device. In any case, formatting the phone may be the most effective solution.

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