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Spotify makes it easy to find your downloaded content

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The Spotify platform is trying once again to facilitate navigation in the “Your Library” tab for all its mobile users, and accordingly, Progress Dynamic filters, new grid view, ability to pin content, and various sorting options.

The platform provides a simpler way to easily explore your collection and find saved music and podcasts faster.

The updated design and added features allow you to spend less time searching for content and organizing your collection, giving you more time to rediscover the music and podcasts you have loved over the years, and keep adding more content to your library.

The new changes will be available to all iOS and Android users over the next week.

And the new dynamic filters are likely the most useful change, as users can filter content by album, artist, playlist or podcast.

Premium users can also choose to only view downloaded content, which until now is difficult to find inside Spotify without scrolling through every artist and album you’ve saved.

Users can also choose to pin four playlists, albums or podcasts that appear on top of their content, so you can quickly return to the playlist.

In addition, users can view content online or in an alphabetical list of content, recently launched, or creator names.

Although the changes are not significant, the Downloaded Content Filter is likely to be particularly useful.

The platform had last updated the “Your Library” tab in 2019, but only for premium users, and this new update makes the experience easier for everyone.

Spotify said: “Your collection of music and podcasts represents your personality, but with more than 5,000 hours of content being released globally every day across the platform and hundreds of content saved in your“ library, ”we know it’s crucial to be able to quickly find what you’re looking for. About him, going back to your last discovery, or re-discovering the favorite path you saved years ago.

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