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Spotify Kids supports playlists

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Through Spotify, dads can influence their children’s musical taste. After all, it is now possible to share playlists created by parents with their children through the audio streaming platform. This new feature on Spotify Kids gives you access to “approved” content by your parents, with the aim of providing them with a safe place to click where they want and access countless stories and music.

Parental Approved Content

Spotifiy has developed a new feature that allows parents to have greater control over their children’s musical tastes. Thus, children have access to content shared by parents and, over time, grow up as a family.

How to share a playlist with your child

To share a list of songs with your children, you need to access the protected area using a PIN on Spotify. Afterwards, you must select the audio content that is pleasant for your little ones. Some songs with potentially explicit tracks are marked as an “E”. If you want to remove some of that content, then you must log in to your Spotify application.

Spotify Kids supports playlists

So, the first time you try to share a playlist with your children, a pop-up will appear to your little ones asking for permission to confirm that decision.

Spotify Kids

The audio streaming platform launched Spotify Kids in 2019. From that year on, it continued to expand its reach, adding new features to it. Parents are able to consult the history of the songs heard by their children and even block content from them. Playlist sharing is now a new feature that parents will be able to enjoy for greater control.

This children’s app can only be downloaded by Spotify Premium family members and is available for the Android and iOS operating system. Best of all, your kids won’t hear ads while they enjoy the audio content you’ve chosen!

Source: The Verge

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