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Spotify founder wants to buy Arsenal

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Daniel Ek, founder and CEO of Spotify stated, For a network CNBC is very serious about wanting to buy Arsenal, despite the current owners pledging that they do not want to sell the English football club.

Eck showed interest in buying the team for the first time Across Twitter following the collapse of plans to create the European Premier League last week after a widespread backlash from fans, government figures and former players.

Arsenal was one of the founding clubs behind the short-lived effort known as the European Premier League, and he apologized Arsenal later to the supporters about joining, saying in statement: It was never our intention to cause such an ordeal.

“I want to do what I think is a very convincing show for the owners, and I hope they listen to me, and I’m very serious and I’ve secured the funds for that,” Eck told CNBC.

However, Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke said in a joint statement with his son and club manager Josh Kroenke: They are not planning to sell.

The statement acknowledged recent media speculation about a possible bid for Arsenal football club.

And the statement read, According To the Associated Press: We remain 100 percent committed to Arsenal and do not sell any stake in the club, we have not received any offer and will not accept any offer.

The billionaire Croinki, who also owns the Los Angeles Rams in the National Football League, acquired Arsenal in 2018 in a deal valued at $ 2.3 billion. According For The New York Times.

Arsenal is currently competing in the English Premier League and was among 6 English clubs that participated in the proposed Europa League project before withdrawing amid a storm of protests from the fans, players and the British government.

The 38-year-old Swedish billionaire, whose bid for the north London-based club is rumored to include some former players, such as Thierry Henry, said his interest stems from his longstanding support for the club, which won the Premier League title in the 2003-04 season.

Eck, who founded Spotify in 2006, noted: “I’ve been a fan of Arsenal since I was eight, and he’s my favorite team, and I see a tremendous opportunity to set a real vision for the club in order to bring it back to its glory.”

On Kroonk’s lack of interest in the deal, Ik said: I wasn’t expecting this to happen overnight, and I’m prepared for this to be a long journey.

“All I can do is prepare and present what I think is a very thoughtful presentation and I hope he will listen to me, I want the club to do better, and that is my primary concern,” Eck added.

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