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Spotify enters the field of virtual concerts

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I entered Spotify is the field of virtual concerts at a time when personal parties are becoming more and more likely again.

The company announced that people can now buy tickets for five different concerts, which air throughout May and June.

Early artists included The Black Keys, Jack Antonoff, and Leon Bridges.

Although all the concerts are pre-registered, they can only be shown at a certain time through the web browser.

Parties are not available on request and cannot be accessed through the Spotify app.

Instead of broadcasting live from somewhere, the service takes a somewhat new approach of letting the artist choose a location for a previously recorded performance.

Tickets cost $ 15, and viewers must have a Spotify account to watch the party.

Tickets are linked to individual user accounts, so they are not transferable, and if you miss a party, you won’t be able to get a refund.

Spotify says every artist’s concert is broadcast at four different times to account for different time zones in the world, so buyers have to specify their preferred time.

Spotify previously participated in the concert ecosystem by allowing artists to view the list of shows through its app and link to shows from specific partners, such as Eventbrite.

The company said in 2017: It generated more than $ 40 million in ticket sales through its Fans First program, which gives fans additional perks, such as early access to tickets.

She has also hosted her personal brand-related events for her playlist, including Rap Caviar and Viva Latino.

During the pandemic, the company started including virtual concerts as well.

And the new virtual concerts are not much different from The live groups you can potentially find for free on YouTube or Instagram.

But Spotify seems to be trying to find a new financial resource through these parties as well as being a way to keep fans engaged during a time when most of them broke away from the idea of ​​live music.

It is not clear if the company intends to pursue the virtual concert series, and the company is currently only talking about these five performances.

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