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Spotify allows you to download songs via Apple Watch

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She added The Spotify platform is the ability to download playlists, albums and podcasts via the Apple Watch smartwatch in order to play them offline, according to the company.

The platform has turned the long-awaited feature into a reality, so that you can download songs via the Apple Smart Watch and listen to them directly via the headset by broadcasting them via Bluetooth.

Users can stream audio at a rate of 96 kbps, add and delete Spotify content on their phones, and synchronize with the watch.

You can download songs or podcasts by finding them on the Apple Watch, and then clicking on the three dots button and choosing Download via Apple Watch.

You can check the progress in the downloads section, and any downloaded tracks will have a green arrow near their names.

In its news release, the company said: The ability to download music and podcasts complements the existing feature of being able to broadcast your favorite lists from the watch, and now you don’t even have to take your phone with you.

Spotify added the ability to stream music using the Apple Smart Watch in November, but the Apple Watch was then working as a remote control to play Spotify music via iPhone or any other Spotify Connect compatible device.

Spotify launched the Apple Watch app for the first time in 2018.

The offline feature is available starting Friday on Apple Watch Series 3 or later running WatchOS 6.0 or later, and WatchOS 7.1 and later is recommended.

A Spotify Premium subscription is also required, and Spotify Premium membership ranges from $ 9.99 per month for a single account, up to $ 15.99 per month for the family plan, and a student account option is also available for $ 4.99 per month.

Another music-streaming service, Deezer, beat Spotify in the field, adding the ability to download music from the Apple Watch smartwatch app earlier this week.

Also this week, Spotify said: It is launching a new feature to allow Google’s wearable devices to download and listen to music offline, without the need for a companion phone.

The company’s product manager for wearables said during the keynote speech at the annual Google Developers Conference: This feature has not yet been released, but it is under development.

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