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SpaceX is planning the first test of the orbiting spacecraft

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SpaceX intends to conduct its first test flight of the orbiting spacecraft on a flight from Texas and landing off the coast of HawaiiAccording to For a document The company submitted it to the Federal Communications Commission.

The orbital flight test marks the first time that SpaceX has put both elements of the Starship system together, and is the next major development step in its attempt to build a rocket that could one day land on Mars.

As indicated in the document, the missile is initially launched with the Super Heavy booster, which forms the lower half of the missile and is approximately 230 feet high.

The Starship missile is fired over the Texas Super Heavy booster, and the booster detaches after about five minutes, partially returning and landing in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Starship orbiting spacecraft (the upper half of the entire missile system) continues to fly In orbit to complete nearly a full flight around the Earth before entering the atmosphere over Hawaii approximately 90 minutes after launch from Texas.

The document did not mention a specific date for the orbiting spacecraft’s flight, and Elon Musk had previously said: It could happen by the end of 2021.

But An email with the deposit indicated that it could happen any time in the next year, before March 1, 2022.

The email also indicates that the maximum altitude for the Starship is 72 miles – very low orbital altitude that lies north of the boundary between space and Earth’s atmosphere.

SpaceX’s Starship system is a cornerstone of Musk’s goal to enable routine interplanetary travel.

The system, designed to send humans and up to 100 tons of cargo to the moon and Mars, recently won a $ 2.9 billion contract to serve as NASA’s first flight to the moon carrying astronauts since 1972.

SpaceX has launched five prototypes of the spacecraft since December, and made a successful landing on its fifth test flight earlier this month, and a few sub-orbital tests are planned for the next month.

And when that happens, the orbital test shows the spacecraft’s maneuvers that cannot be simulated with computers, SpaceX says in the document.

In the document, the company said: We intend to collect as much data as possible during the flight to determine the entry dynamics and better understand what the vehicle is exposed to in a flight system that is extremely difficult to accurately predict or mathematically reproduce.

SpaceX explained that the flight data from the Starship test confirms any changes in the vehicle’s design and allows it to build better models for use in its internal simulations.

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