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Sounds in Windows 11 change when dark mode is enabled

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Microsoft introduces major cosmetic changes in Windows 11. Perhaps these changes are the largest in the history of the most widespread operating system.

Microsoft has taken great care of the technical aspects of the system. The attention to detail in the new operating system makes the sounds vary and change depending on the mode in which the user is in.

For example, when dark mode is activated the sounds will become quieter and more comfortable, while the opposite will be true for using the normal mode.

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Sounds in Windows 11

The Creative Director of Windows and the Director of Design talked about the hidden dimensions that were taken into account in the design of Windows 11. In order to provide a comfortable and familiar experience for the users.

They talked about the importance of being quiet and how the new version of Windows will be customizable in all respects. And in Windows 11 dark mode comes with a set of sounds that are completely different from those in the traditional mode. They are the sounds that appear throughout the system.

The company spokesperson stated that the new sounds come with more rounded wavelengths which will result in gentle alerting of users without disturbing them.

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explained Matthew Bennett, who is responsible for the design of the new acoustics, says it is entirely about comfort and quietness to suit all situations or conditions in which the system may be used.

Also, millions of users around the world use computers to work and study for long hours every day. Therefore, the sounds in the operating system should be comfortable, unobtrusive, and not cause them any tension.

As for the use of Windows 11 in the normal mode, or the light mode, as some describe it, the audio will be different, but not drastically. It can be described as being more powerful and taller.

The new system has been designed and developed with users’ opinions in mind. The design team worked to address all the problems in Windows 11. In addition, the new system is described as: “emotional, human, and personal.”

As we learned earlier, the new system will come with major changes in terms of design and user experience. The system will introduce rounded edges for the windows. With easier and more elegant menus, and a redesign of the Settings app that users come into contact with on a daily basis.

However, there are other factors that may affect the level of success and spread of the new Microsoft system, but the reactions to the system since it was announced have been largely positive.

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