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Sony works on a scientific robot capable of winning a Nobel Prize

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In recent years, Artificial Intelligence systems have evolved a lot and have been a great asset at the scientific level in several academic areas. Following these advances Hiroaki Kitano, the well-known CEO of Sony Computer Science Laboratories announced that he intends to develop a way to take “systems biology and other sciences to the next stage”, creating an Artificial Intelligence that is as capable as the great scientific minds .

In this sense, it launched the whose goal is to create a scientific robot that can win the Nobel Prize by 2050. “The particular feature of this challenge is to place the system in an open domain to explore significant discoveries, rather than rediscovering what we already know or trying to imitate human thought processes speculated”, announced the scientific researcher Kitano. In a note, he added, “The vision is to reformulate scientific discovery itself and create an alternative form of scientific discovery.”

“Scientific intelligence will generate and verify as many hypotheses as possible, hoping that any one can lead to great discoveries on its own or be a basis for other major discoveries. The ability to exhaustively and efficiently generate hypotheses and verify them is the core of the system”, he said.


Today’s Artificial Intelligence systems are also the result of decades of scientific research and experimentation, starting in 1950 when Alan Turing published his original article,

The CEO wants to create the “AI Scientist”, which he defines as a “constellation of software and hardware modules that dynamically interact in order to carry out tasks”. In a first phase, the system will be a set of useful tools that automate part of the research and data analysis process.

Hiroaki Kitano believes that allowing robots to be able to do this kind of work capable of winning a Nobel Prize gives human scientists more time to focus on research strategies to decide which of the submitted projects are worth examining.

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