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Sony will bring Playstation hits to smartphones

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Mobile devices are quickly becoming the next growth path for gaming giants. In recent years, we’ve seen a number of acclaimed PC and console gaming franchises making their way to the mobile platform, with some of the best known success stories being Fortnite, PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty: Mobile.

Microsoft has brought its Xbox game portfolio to mobile with xCloud, while Google is trying to grab a piece of the pie with Stadia, which we’ve already tested, via cloud-based game streaming. Now, Sony has announced plans to bring some iconic PlayStation franchises to smartphones, confirming rumors that in April were already pointing in this direction.

It was during an event for investors, where he also announced the launch of Playstation Direct for Europe, Jim Ryan revealed that the company will take steps to bring PlayStation titles to mobile devices this year. “2021 will also see us taking steps to bring PlayStation IP to mobile, with the opportunity to dramatically increase the audience size it brings,” said Ryan.

Sony will bring Playstation hits to smartphones

“In fiscal year 2021 (ending March 2022) we will begin publishing some of our iconic mobile games and we anticipate that by 2021 this will not provide a significant profit stream, but we anticipate that as we learn from this experience and we have increased the number of titles we publish on mobile, the contribution of PC and mobile will start to become more and more important as time goes by”.

The Sony executive plans to transition the considerable catalog from its original IP to the mobile platform. Sony has some well-known names like God of War, The Last Of Us and Uncharted, which could be wildly successful on the mobile platform, if done right. However, the company has yet to reveal which games it plans to bring to the mobile ecosystem.

While cloud-based game streaming brings the console experience to mobile, it’s still limited in its reach and hasn’t exploded despite the appeal of playing AAA games on your phone or tablet. However, the portability of these games to Android and iOS ensures that they are easily accessible and better optimized without too many caveats.

It is not difficult to see the change and bet now of the brand in the mobile market, as it could bring the name PlayStation for a greater number of customers and with it simultaneously obtain some profits with purchases. in-app.

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Well-known titles like Fortnite, PUBG and Roblox they owe a large part of their success to mobile gamers. Therefore, the big challenge here for Sony is to effectively succeed in the strategy now taken, given that games have to be migrated to the mobile environment, never losing what characterizes them so much on the console.

The problem may actually lie in this attempt to bring games to the smartphones and players feel that the experience is not the same as they are used to on console.

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Want to know other news? See below for our Suggestions

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