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Sony wants to reach 1 billion PlayStation Now subscribers

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Held Sony Corporation has its joint strategic meeting for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2022, and the meeting comes at a time when some are wondering whether the Japanese company will be able to innovate as it was in the past.

Focusing on creativity, technology, the world and society, Chairman, Director and CEO Kenichiro Yoshida presented the company’s strategy from a long-term perspective as a creative entertainment company whose goal is to fill the world with emotion through the power of creativity and technology.

Sony presented its plans to investors, explaining moves such as recent broadcast deals with Disney and Netflix, as well as the PS5 shortfall.

The company is now aiming to increase the size of the community directly connected to Sony via devices or entertainment from 160 million to one billion.

There weren’t many surprises when it came to the required gaming platform, as Sony sells every PS5 platform it can manufacture, and despite the shortage of semiconductor components, it expects sales this year to exceed the 14.8 million PS4s sold in the year following the launch of the platform. .

Sony is known to have big ambitions in terms of subscription and cloud gaming, and in reference to a deal with development studio Haven, the company said: It is looking to increase participation via PlayStation Network, given that this is the largest direct consumer platform.

Sony is looking to increase participation across the PlayStation Network through Enhanced PlayStation Now cloud gaming service.

Sony intends to continue investing in or partnering with external studios, as well as investing in in-house studios to improve its software offerings.

The CEO has hinted at ways to respond to Xbox Game Pass, and it looks like we might see more in the future PlayStation Now recently upgraded its streaming resolution from 720p to 1080p.

Sony said it is spending 20 billion yen (about $ 184 million) to increase development, staff and other costs in its in-house studios.

Sony said: We work To develop artificial intelligence technologies that can make gaming experiences richer and more enjoyable.

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