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Sony subsidiary manufactures a new SSD for PS5

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Sony subsidiary Nextorage has released a perfect SSD for the PS5, this one has a heatsink, is quick to outperform Sony’s recommendations and comes in 1TB and 2TB varieties, which gives plenty of storage space for your games . Nextorage describes itself as a “Sony group company specializing in the memory storage solutions business”, and its NEM-PA SSD fulfills all requirements for PlayStation 5 compatibility.

In fact, the Nextorage unit seems to be a perfect fit. Gigazine tested it and said it’s not as fast as the console’s internal SSD (at least when it comes to game load times), but the NEM-PA fits perfectly into the PS5’s slot.

But nothing in life is perfect, so we have to address some caveats, it all seems not a big deal based on its price, the 1TB model will cost €281. For comparison purposes, one of the main PS5 SSD options is the WD Black SN850, the 1TB version that costs €230.


Apparently the PlayStation team had a lot of involvement with this SSD, despite Nextorage being a subsidiary of Sony. (Even that has a caveat, as Sony’s role appears to be closer to that of co-owner Digitimes reports that Phison Electronics now owns a 49 percent stake in the company, a fact supported by Nextorage’s about page.)

Nextorage is trying to tie this SSD to the PS5, the product page features a section on how to install the drive on the console, along with a section on how it can be used to store PlayStation games.

But for those hoping Sony will simplify the PS5’s storage situation, that’s not at least until Sony gives it a PlayStation seal of approval and plans for a global release.

Source: Tomshardware

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