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Sony releases software update for PlayStation 5

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THE Sony features software updates for PlayStation 5 which will be launched globally today, September 15th. New customization experiences, improved 3D audio support, and storage expandability via an M.2 SSD are some of the featured updates.

This second system software update PlayStation 5 includes improvements that will make viewing, customizing and managing game content as well as the console experience easier. Here are some of the updates.

From today it will be possible to customize the control center more freely by reorganizing the icons, or choosing which controls to hide or not at the bottom of the screen.

Players will be able to easily view and write messages to friends and groups directly from Game Base in the control center. When viewing Game Base in full screen, players can also see how many friends are online, busy or offline, from the Friends tab, as well as accept or decline multiple friend requests at once.

Players who have versions of the same game for the PS4 and PS5 installed, you will notice that, from today, the games will appear separately in the Installed tab in the Games Library and on the home screen, clearly indicating which platform is each title.

Players with an active subscription to the service PlayStation Now can choose the preferred video resolution (720p or 1080p) depending on the game. In addition, the new transmission link test helps to identify and resolve any problems that may exist with the link.

Another new feature of the system software update PlayStation 5 it’s about allowing gamers to experience 3D audio support through the built-in television speakers. To do this, simply activate this feature in the Sound menu to transform the audio from the two-channel television speakers into a three-dimensional sound experience, enhancing the feeling of immersion in the game.

It will also be possible to expand the console’s storage capacity by installing an M.2 SSD device – high speed solid state drive – in a console PS 5 or PS 5 Digital Edition. Once installed, the M.2 SSD will allow you to save games PS 5 and PS 4 and entertainment applications directly on high-speed storage. Titles can be played directly from the M.2 SSD device and even moved between storage options.

However, it is important that the M.2 SSD complies with the size and performance requirements, and that it is paired with a compatible cooling frame, so gamers should keep these points in mind when choosing the M.2 SSD device and cooling frame to buy.


Starting today, players will have the option to use mobile data in the app. PS Remote Play when the WiFi connection is not available, to play through the app on a Playstation 4 or in a PlayStation 5. They will also be able to control mobile data usage by changing the video quality of mobile data transmission. Users will also be able to see their friends’ screen sharing in the app, allowing them to chat and view their friends’ games.

This update also includes console improvements. Playstation 4, allowing players to view their trophies PS 5 on your profile of PS 4 and in the trophy list. Players will still be able to see trophies. PS 5 from other players in the PS 4. Also, on both consoles PS 5 and PS 4, chat admins will have the option to delete the chat without having to remove one player at a time.

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