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SONY prepares a “counterattack” to the Xbox Game Pass

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Now, and according to the original game director God of War, Sony is planning a PlayStation service equivalent to the Xbox Game Pass. Right now, Sony has PlayStation Plus, a monthly subscription service that offers multiple games to the player every month, as well as PlayStation Now where players can sign up to play a collection of previously released titles.

Sony is thus, and reportedly, working on a “counterattack” to the Xbox Game Pass, with David Jaffe, co-creator of Twisted Metal, claiming to have spoken to several people on PlayStation about the plans.

As reported by VGC, this comes from a recent YouTube chain where David Jaffe, who is also known, as mentioned, as the co-creator of Twisted Metal, shared that he spoke with several sources on PlayStation about plans to respond with “a counter- scam ”to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass subscription service.

SONY prepares a counterattack to the Xbox Game Pass

According to Jaffe, who had worked at PlayStation for 14 years before leaving in 2007, he doesn’t know what it will seem to say “What I can tell you is that they are doing a few things because I know people at Sony who told me who are doing some things. ”

In November 2020, it was reported that Sony may be working on PlayStation’s response to the Xbox Game Pass. This was according to Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan, who was asked in an interview about how the company will respond to Microsoft’s popular subscription service.

At the time, Ryan said, “There is news to come, but not today.” This was after the CEO made a statement about the release of new games on a subscription service in September last year, excluding an Xbox Game Pass Service for PS5. Jim Ryan recently confirmed that more PlayStation games will be released on the PC, starting with Days Gone this spring.

Source: NME

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