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Sony Playstation wants to bring its exclusives to smartphones

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Sony intends to bring all its franchising Playstation console games. We know that in recent years the brand has not done much in this regard, taking few games like the Uncharted: Fortune Hunter. Mbut that scenario seems to be changing soon.

According to Eurogamer, Sony is hiring an executive element for its technical staff for the Playstation Studios, which will have as main objective to bring the most popular franchises Playstation for the mobile phone market. However, there was no reference to titles or even a launch date, but a time span of between three and five years is foreseen for the strategy to have practical results.

The company has a long history of trying to bring the brand to the mobile market Playstation, but let’s be honest, without much success. Apart from a small number of titles, the best that Sony has achieved is the launch of the Xperia Play, a “Playstation mobile phone”, which at the time was actually quite an evolved device but which at a commercial level was a total failure.

What was achieved was migrations from games like the Horizon Zero Dawn for personal computers.

Sony Playstation wants to bring its exclusives to smartphones

It is not difficult to understand the change and the brand is betting on the mobile market now, as it may come with the name PlayStation for a greater number of customers and thereby obtain some profits from purchases at the same time in-app.

Titles well known as Fortnite, PUBG and Roblox owe a large part of their success to mobile phone players. So, the big challenge here for Sony is to effectively succeed in the strategy now taken, given that games have to be migrated to the mobile environment never losing what characterizes them so much on the console.

The problem may be effectively in this attempt to bring games to the smartphones and players feel that the experience is not the same as what they are used to on the console.

Source: Eurogamer

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