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Sony has a surprise: new Playstation 5 Digital Edition

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Sony did something strange with the new console announced last year, but it’s been on the market for less than a year, PS5 Digital Edition, and offered no explanation for the change. According to an official security guide manual on the Japanese PlayStation website (via PSU), there is a new model that has emerged from the PS5 Digital Edition that seems to have no other changes besides its weight.

The system lost 300 grams, causing the PS5 to drop from 3.9 kg to 3.6 kg. In comparison, the PS5 disk model weighs 4.5 kg, so there is no indication that the normal Playstation model will change.

The release date of this new model was supposedly yesterday, although so far, no new stock has been found in Japan or anywhere else. And there’s nothing to explain where that missing weight went, or what was cut or altered to make it happen. All other console specs remain the same (if it weren’t it would be even stranger).

Sony has a surprise new Playstation 5 Digital Edition

This news is so strange, due to the short time the product has been on the market, that the possibility of a typo has been mentioned, however, there will be no great certainties until there is access to this “new” Playstation 5, model CFI-1100B01.

It’s not uncommon for consoles to be released in thinner versions, as we literally had the PS4 Slim, but these are generally big redesigns with significant drops in weight and size. Definitely not what happened, yet in such a small electronic part, losing 7.5% of your total weight for no apparent reason is something of a mystery we’re curious about and certainly hope there’s some official information about it. this in the coming times.

If Sony doesn’t, then we’ll have to wait for these new features to hit the market and someone will open them to see (something that will certainly happen).

We have to add to this strange situation the difficulty of stock that is plaguing the market and that makes many users have to wait a long time for their unit, and new consoles have suffered a lot from this, namely the Playstation 4 which is the best-selling console.

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