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Sony confirms that there will be more consoles for sale in 2021 and 2022

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Sony’s latest earnings report confirms that the company has secured enough semiconductor chips to meet its target of 14.8 million PS5s for next year and beyond, with 2.3 million units shipped in the first quarter alone without any worries shortages or supply restrictions, a situation confirmed during the accounting report released in recent days by Sony.

“We believe there is no chance that the semiconductor shortage will affect the development of our console. For this year’s PlayStation 5 sales target, we’ve obtained the number of chips needed to reach it. As for the semiconductor supply shortage, we’re not worried,” said Hiroki Totoki, Sony CFO.

Sony is confident that it now has the long-awaited PS5 supply. However, there are still risks in this matter and if successful, Sony could ship up to 45 million PlayStation 5s by March 2023, which would be an improvement on the 23 million shipped for FY22 (April 2022 – March 2023) .


According to Totoki, “In the past, we were able to maintain control of our production. However, for future purposes, we may not remain patient and would like to produce at a smooth level without being limited by restrictions”, as “The number in terms of chips produced is very important as it helps us to remain competitive”.

Processor production has been a major problem worldwide, as there hasn’t been enough supply for demand, largely due to Covid-19, which has limited production for a while, and new product announcements and launches haven’t stopped. A problem that doesn’t just affect consoles, as cars and computers have also been affected by this lack of sufficient production of processors.

So if you want to buy the new Playstation 5, or even the Xbox, although the latter has more stock available, this is excellent news, as it is predictable that there will be more stocks in the near future and it will not be necessary to “run” for the stores to be able to purchase your unit.

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