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Sony can bet big on computer games with its exclusives

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Second was advanced on Twitter by an acclaimed “modder” and “dataminer” of the video game community, namely, for his work on Bloodborne and other FromSoftware titles in disseminating credible information. Lance McDonald has now claimed to have knowledge that Sony is allegedly working on the portability of several PC exclusives — which is not strange given the last few years that this has happened — as was the case with Days Gone and Horizon Zero Dawn.

It’s easy to see or predict that games may be “portable” and cease to be a Playstation exclusive, hits like Uncharted, God of War and even Ghost of Tsushima — the most credible hypothesis given that it has broken records after records of hours of games by the community. check out our review of the title Ghost of Tsushima which deserved quite a high score for its performance on the previous generation of consoles.

Earlier this year, just before Days Gone hit the PC in May, there was evidence (which was discovered in the Steam store) that pointed to several PlayStation games, replete with DLC offerings, planned for in-store release. So far, since the release of Days Gone for PC (earlier this year) Sony hasn’t revealed anything else about the next game ported to PC.

Sony can bet big on computer games with its
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Remember that these are mere findings and may not reflect in any way what might happen in this area with regard to PlayStation exclusives. However, it must be recognized that given what has been happening lately and according to the leaker information, it could happen soon. In fact, the success of Days Gone was one of the reasons Sony was looking to port the game to the PC — as the PlayStation sales target was already met.

Just before that, in February, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan said that the upcoming release of Days Gone on PC would be the first in a “whole list” of games developed by Sony for the platform. Ryan’s previous comments seem to corroborate these new McDonald’s claims, music to the ears of PC gamers looking to enjoy PlayStation exclusives.

Although it has been claimed that Bloodborne, from the producer of Dark Souls, is not yet being developed for the PC, the Elden Ring game could be an alternative to replace it. While there is no official confirmation, the community will continue to speculate in an incessant attempt to reach some conclusion or, in some way, appease the spirits of the gamers most hungry for adventure and fun.

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