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Sony announces showcase on September 9th

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Sony announced today that it will be holding a special PlayStation showcase on September 9th. The event will start at 9 pm in Portugal and will last approximately 40 minutes in what they are calling “a look at the future of PS5”. Sony has even stated that its showcase will include updates from its PlayStation Studios and a quick tour of the games that will be released this year and possible next.

By all appearances Sony appears to be ready to release a new PS5 playstation system software update which is still in beta testing phase. The update aims to unlock SSD M.2 support and at the same time also include some user interface improvements for the PS5 panel and also 3D audio support for the integrated TV speakers.

While there’s promise of things to come for the PS5, it looks like Sony’s new PlayStation VR headset won’t be part of this showcase appearance. The next-gen PSVR was reportedly detailed at a conference it recently brought together several developers, revealing that the headset connects to a PS5 via a single cable. The headset will also include high-resolution OLED screens (2,000 x 2,040 pixels per eye) and an enhanced 110-degree field of view.

Sony in addition to the headset is also promising “lots of great games for the PS5 from game makers big and small”, and it’s likely that we’ll see Forbidden West horizon, the sequence of Horizon Zero Dawn, which was recently pushed back to February 18th, 2022. From the rumors to those who say we’ll also see some updates to the GTA V next-gen patch, plus some final gameplay from the exclusive deathloop Bethesda PS5 which is scheduled to be released later this September.

Source: Sony

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