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Sony announces four portable wireless speakers

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Sony’s portable speaker lineup is undergoing a 2021 upgrade Add XB13, XP500, XP700 and XG500 more sound, more flexibility and support for fast charging.

Sony says the epidemic may have kept us at home, but that has led to an increase in speaker sales, and as a result, these four new models aim to be more genre-neutral rather than focus on electronic dance music.


The SRS-XB13 is the smallest of the new quadruple speakers, replacing the old XB12, while sticking to the same shape, but for 2021, the sound range expands and portability becomes simpler.

The speaker supports an IP67 rating for water and dust resistance, while the UV coating means it can withstand summer temperatures.

A new multi-directional strap can be used across the wrist to attach the XB13 to a backpack, handlebar, or anywhere else, with a battery life of 16 hours, and it is recharged via USB-C.

The XB13 can be paired together wirelessly for stereo sound, although there is no support for large numbers using Sony’s Party Connect system.

The built-in microphone means the XB13 can function as a loudspeaker, and there is support for Google’s Fast Pair feature.

It is equipped with Sony’s Extra Bass for powerful and crisp bass, and also includes the company’s Sound Diffusion processor to deliver rich dynamic sound.

The XB13 starts shipping in June at $ 59.99 and is offered in five colors.

SRS-XP500 and SRS-XP700:

For 2021, the old Sony XB series ditches the “B” because the company promises that bass will come as standard.

The SRS-XP500 gets front speakers designed to produce high frequencies, while the SRS-XP700 has three front speakers designed to produce high frequencies – two of which are active, depending on whether the speaker is in the portrait or landscape orientation – in addition to the rear woofer designed Produces high frequencies for expanding the sound range – with IPX4 water resistance.

Although LED lighting is still present, it is designed more to suit the mood and is customizable, however, the biggest changes compared to the previous models is the battery.

The SRS-XP500 lasts up to 20 hours, while the SRS-XP700 lasts up to 25 hours, and the fast charging feature adds from 80 minutes to 3 hours of playback in 10 minutes, depending on the model, and a full charge takes 3 hours.

On the back there are two microphone inputs for karaoke use, one of the inputs can be used for guitar, there is support for bluetooth and two USB ports – for both music and mobile device charging – while Party Connect allows up to 100 speakers to be connected wirelessly and play the same thing together.

The SRS-XP500 is priced around $ 350, while the SRS-XP700 is $ 450, and both go on sale in June.


Sony designed this portable speaker for use in the landscape orientation, with front speakers designed for high frequency output, IP66 water and dust resistance, and a waterproof mesh that eliminates splashes.

LED lighting is preserved, while the USB ports, microphone and input are located at the back. The device lasts up to 30 hours, while a 10-minute charge adds up to 3 hours of playback.

It supports Party Connect, and the SRS-XG500 goes on sale in June at $ 450.

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