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Sony announces device dedicated to those in telecommuting

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Sony has just launched a new device, a speaker placed on the user’s neck.

After launching the SRS-WS1 model, it came yesterday to present the new SRS-NB10 model. It consists of a set of speakers to put around the neck and everything for workers who are telecommuting. With a base price of 150 dollars, it is believed that it will only be available later this year.

The NB10 device promises to deliver an autonomy of about 20 continuous hours of audio and is optimized especially for its user’s ears, with all the hardware and codecs to direct the respective sound output.

As long as you find yourself listening to some type of content at a relatively low sound level, Sony says you won’t need to worry about disturbing your colleagues, family members or anyone near you. However the SRS-NB10 is not just a simple speaker.

Sony announces device dedicated to those in telecommuting

You can use it for voice and video calls, all thanks to the two built-in microphones as well as the included voice processing technology, meaning that, according to the manufacturer, the people we are communicating with can hear us clearly and with quality.

The NB10 speaker has the ability to connect to two devices simultaneously through a Bluetooth connection, also allowing us to switch between them when needed. We can also find here the IPX4 certification for resistance to splash water if you want to take the column to the gym, for example. Using the USB-C port we were also able to charge the speaker, and according to Sony with 10 minutes of charge we get an autonomy of 1 hour.

The column will be available in two colors, the charcoal gray and the color white. As mentioned above, everything points to it being marketed towards the end of this year, namely during the month of September.

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Source: Sony

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