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Some suggestions for Mother’s Day from Lenovo products

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To mark Mother’s Day, Lenovo lets you know the best gift suggestions that promise to make this person so special with a smile from ear to ear.

For the Mother who likes premium experiences

Designed to offer a premium experience to all mothers, the 14 ″ Yoga 9i (35.56 cm) is packed with innovative features in an elegant 2-in-1 metallic chassis with optional Black Leather cover (Shadow Black).

The brand new Intel Evo platform, which includes 11th generation Intel Core processors, offers the perfect combination of performance, responsiveness, battery life and fantastic visual elements in the new class of stylish and stylish notebooks. Designed in a partnership between Lenovo and Intel to provide the best experience in work and personal life, anywhere, this device offers an impressive responsiveness, combined with the all-new Intel Iris Xe graphics card that go far beyond experience common integration.

Some suggestions for Mothers Day from Lenovo products

Whether exploring creative software, running demanding multitasking programs or even playing AAA video games, Yoga 9i is the perfect piece of equipment to offer this special person. The rotating soundbar is equipped with a Dolby Atmos speaker system that provides 360-degree sound with powerful bass and clear treble to make the most of your favorite music and videos, whether in portable, tent or tablet mode.

In addition to these features, the mother will also be able to enjoy a rich visual experience with a bright 14 ″ (35.56 cm) screen that has a resolution up to Ultra HD optimized by Dolby Vision and with a screen that occupies almost 90% of the surface for enjoy the clearest and most vivid images possible.

Yoga 9i is available from € 2,299.99.

For the Mother who does not miss a family moment

Designed for all moments in the family, the Lenovo M10 HD Plus Tablet in Iron Gray incorporates an entirely soft and luxurious metal chassis, envying any look for its elegant and robust design.

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Maximizing sharing, the Lenovo Tab M10 (HD) integrates the right specifications for an entertainment tablet. Thanks to the parental control features, the mother will not only be able to keep her children safe and entertained with personalized content, but also benefit from eye protection technology that will help reduce eye fatigue for all users.

Designed to provide the best environment among all, this equipment has two front speakers and Dolby Audio, which allows everyone to enjoy an immersive sound experience anywhere – be it for movies, music, TV shows or videos.

The M10 HD Plus Tablet is available from € 189.99

For the Mother who likes to be practical

You can stay on the nightstand, but whoever knows it knows that it is not an ordinary alarm clock. The Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant was designed for all mothers who like to be practical. Thanks to the elegant 4 ″ screen / speaker it is possible to play music, podcasts, find information, manage the schedule, control the smart home and much more. To start, just say “Hey Google”!

1619447490 192 Some suggestions for Mothers Day from Lenovo products

For mothers who have schedules, whether to go to work or to take their children to school, and do not have time to catch up with the news, with the Lenovo Smart Clock you can start the day fully informed. Just set up a “Good morning” routine and, from there, you can follow all the news, but also information about the weather and traffic.

During the day, when the screen is not in use, it offers a variety of customizable clock faces and, to respect user privacy, incorporates a mute button to stop the device. At the end of the day, it is possible to activate the “Good night” routine to automatically adjust the thermostat, lock the doors and play relaxing music. As if it no longer had a series of features, this device allows you to simultaneously charge your phone via the USB port.

The Lenovo Smart Clock is available from 99.99 €

For the Mother who lives to the beat of music

Last but not least, we highlight the Lenovo Yoga ANC Pearl White headphones, the perfect equipment for the mother who likes to live to the rhythm of the music. Thanks to the noise-canceling ANC and ENC hybrid microphones with the aid of voice, the mother who receives this device will be able to connect 100% with what she wants to hear, paying attention to all the details of her favorite songs or films.

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So that you can talk and work fluidly, Lenovo Yoga ANC offers environmental noise cancellation (ENC) technology and six microphones that intelligently filter out background noise during calls. With the noise of children playing at home, nothing better than these ultra-light and ultra-elegant 214g headphones, which eliminate the uproar and allow you to enjoy your moments to the fullest.

With a battery that lasts about 14 hours of playback (ANC off) after a full charge under Bluetooth connection, or a fast charge, where the 15-minute charge reaches 2 hours of playback, this is a Lenovo device with which they can always count.

Lenovo Yoga ANC Pearl White Headphones are available from € 179.99.

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