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Solve equations with Microsoft Math with steps

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Microsoft provides an official application to help students solve the mathematical equations they face. The application is free and can be downloaded Via Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

The application works to solve all equations in various ways and no matter how difficult they are, and the application shows you how to solve the equation and reach the final result, as well as provides you with a set of tests similar to the equation that you enter into it.

You can enter equations in the application in three ways, namely:

  • Take a picture with the camera of the equation written in front of you
  • Draw the equation in the app
  • Writing the equation via the application’s keyboard.

The application shows you the solution method in all cases, whatever the method of entering the equation.

The application does not help with cheating, as it does not give you the result directly, but rather tells you how to solve equations through an application so that you can benefit from them and re-apply them later.

How to use Microsoft Math:

You must first install the Microsoft application from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, and you can install them and use the application with all its features for free.

Solve equations using Microsoft math

After installing it, the application shows you the methods of the solution and its introduction to it, and you can initially choose the language of the application, which is the language in which the application displays to display the solution and its advice, and the application supports the Arabic language and many other languages.

How to enter the equation via the camera:

You can enter the equation by photographing it with the phone’s camera, by selecting the camera mark at the top of the application and then placing the equation in its own box.

Solve equations using Microsoft math

The application recognizes the equation through the camera, then begins to solve it, and displays the final result for you.

If you want to display the result steps or the graph of this equation, you can drag the screen to the top until you get the rest of the equation data from the solution steps and others.

1621998927 457 Solve equations with Microsoft Math with steps

How to enter the equation by writing it:

And if you want to write the equation manually, you can click on the second mark next to the camera at the top.

Solve equations using Microsoft math

This shows you a chart page, and now draw or write the equation on the screen, and the application may take a moment to recognize the equation before it shows you its final result, and if you click on the final result, the solution method appears in front of you with steps.

How to enter the equation by typing it in the application:

The application provides you with an equations keyboard, and you can write the equation on this board by pressing the third sign after the camera.

1621998927 234 Solve equations with Microsoft Math with steps

When you click on this sign, a screen and a special keyboard appear in front of you to type on, and after you finish writing the equation in the way you prefer, click on the blue arrow mark below.

1621998927 863 Solve equations with Microsoft Math with steps

This takes you to the result of the math challenge and display the steps for solving it with a graph to explain this equation.

You can share the equation with your friends through various social media, and you can also record the solution in a separate Microsoft document to add to your research.

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