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Snap’s Story Studio: A “powerful” mobile video editing app

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As a result of the Snap Partner Summit, Snap announced a new app with a focus on creators. Dubbed Story Studio, this standalone iOS app offers several editing tools to make content as professional as possible.

Story editing tools are still on Snapchat – nothing is changing in this regard. But when creating content for Spotlight, a TikTok-type feed, or if the user is a Snap celebrity, they may need more powerful editing tools. Many creators choose to edit their stories on a computer.

However, many creators also want to do everything on their cell phones. That’s why there are already some powerful video editing tools out there. In addition, Snap is investing in producing its own application to work better with Snapchat.

Snaps Story Studio A powerful mobile video editing app

With Story Studiom there is the possibility to visualize what is already up in Snapacht. Includes sounds, topics and lenses. That way, you can remix popular content and create your own version of the current meme.

Snap advances that p Story Studio allows precise editing of photos. Captions, stickers and other visual elements can be added. There is also the possibility of being able to take advantage of the company’s licensed music catalog.

And because it is an important application for important selfies, you can save a project to be edited later.

Once editing is complete, the video can be shared on snapcht – either posted as a story or as a featured video. But Story Studio also intends to work with other platforms. There is the possibility to save the video on the camera roll or export it to other applications on the mobile phone.

Story Studio will be launched later this year. For now, this will be available exclusively for iOS.

Source: Techcrunch

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