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Snapchat reminds you to clean your friend list

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Snap Inc. introduces a new feature within its Snapchat social networking application called Friend Check Up To remind users to remove unwanted contacts from their contact list.

The feature encourages users to reduce the list of friends in the app via a notification saying: Snapchat is for real friends, while making it more difficult for strangers to find Snapchat users.

According to the company, we have all come to realize the importance of digital tools for staying in contact with each other – especially during the pandemic – as well as some of the potential risks these tools can create.

She added: One of the sources of risk across digital platforms is the links that can be created – sometimes at the explicit urging of the platform – with people we do not know in real life, who may expose us to negative experiences, such as the spread of misinformation, harassment or unwanted situations.

The company explains that it designed its application with these risks in mind, as there are no public browsable accounts for Snapchat users under the age of 18, and you cannot, by default, chat or contact someone directly unless you add each other as friends.

And having someone on your Snapchat buddy list may give you access to your story and possibly your location as well, depending on your Snap Map settings, so the company wants to make sure that everyone on your friends list is still someone you really want to invite a friend on.

This feature can help make the platform safer for users, if they choose to use it, and it can be a good way to help you realize that you may still have someone on your friend list but don’t want them to see them for your posts.

Snap says: The feature is rolling out globally across Android devices in the coming weeks and across iOS devices in the coming months, and the reminder appears as a notification on your account screen.

And if you want to check out yourself before launching the feature, you can see your friends list by going to your account and clicking on My Friends, and you can remove the friend by clicking and holding on their name until a block list appears or the friend is removed.

The Friend Check Up feature is part of Snap’s efforts to make Snapchat a more friendly place, including adding new resources and integrating MindUP for parents trying to understand and support their teenage children.

The social network is also getting more integration with the Crisis Text Project for people seeking help with mental health.

We hope Snapchat users find these tools useful, and we encourage their support systems – parents, loved ones, and educators – to check out our new resources and talk to their kids about the importance of viewing their friend’s lists, the company said.

Snapchat reminds you to clean your friend list

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