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Snapchat guarantees that the new update will end the crashes

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The latest version of Snapchat was affected by a bug that forced it to crash after it was released. However, this will not happen again.

It’s just that an update has already been made available on the App Store to fix the issue, which apparently was only affecting the iOS version of the app (it doesn’t seem like Android users had the same issue).

Ironically, the bug appears to have been included in a maintenance update released on June 28 to fix a number of bugs that users of the messaging platform were facing.

The problem came to light after several Snapchat users went to Twitter to complain about the bug, who supposedly saw the app displaying a “something went wrong – try again later” error message while trying to load the app just before it failed. sudden way.

Snapchat guarantees that the new update will end the crashes

After Mitchell Clark, journalist at The Verge, tweeted about the issue, Snapchat Senior Vice President of Product Jacob Andreou responded with a small sweaty-faced emoji as if to let everyone know the bug had already been fixed. .

On Monday, the Snapchat support team informed users that they were aware of the issue, advising aspiring Snappers (?) via a tweet: “Wait, we’re investigating and working on a fix,” it said.

In fact, a recently added update to the App Store seems to fix the issue, and it’s more than likely that the patch was sped up after the Snapchat product team became aware of the number of people being affected by the bug.

If your mobile phone did not process the update automatically and on its own, you must pull down the profile image in the upper right corner of the App Store, thus processing available updates and allowing the user to download the fix.

Source: gizmodo

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