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Snapchat allows 3D Bitmoji on your profile

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Snapchat has introduced the ability to place your Bitmoji profile in 3D, the company announced on Monday. For your Bitmoji 3D, the user can choose from more than 1,200 combinations of body poses, facial expressions, gestures and backgrounds, according to the information transmitted by Snapchat.

Bitmojis were launched on Snapchat in 2017, following the company’s purchase of Bitstrips in 2016, and have since become one of the core aspects of the application. Now, Bitmojis gained new life, appearing in 3D, bringing more life and prominence to the application.

Bitmoji avatars are very popular, according to Snapchat there are more than 200 million people who use them daily. This isn’t the first time Snap has used 3D, Snapchat lenses project an animated 3D version of your Bitmoji to the world.

Snapchat allows 3D Bitmoji on your profile

Since last Monday, Snapchat users have been able to decorate their profile with 3D and full-length versions of their Bitmoji.

This new feature brings a wide range of customization possibilities for the avatars themselves, from clothes, accessories, hairstyles, to body type and skin tone.

The new avatars now have an improved look, with more detailed textures. In addition to the ability to make changes to the appearance of Bitmojis, users can place their avatars in different poses and in varied settings, said Snapchat.

The new feature is already available to Snapchat users around the world and can be found by clicking on its avatar in the upper left corner of the screen and scrolling through the menu until you find the Bitmoji section.

In addition to Bitmojis, Snapchat has been striving to take down its “rival” TikTok, known as Spotlight, which last year saw its user base grow significantly, reaching the 100 million mark.

Source: theverge

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